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Pictures Of My Granddaughter "Lucia Love"

Hello All,

As promised I wanted to
show all of you a couple
of pictures of little Miss
Lucia Love.....what a
precious little darling
she is.

I will not be able to go
visit her till January,
but thats ok...I have plenty
of time to finish some
projects off that I am
making for her.

Lucia my sweetheart
you are a miracle in
everyway. You are loved
so deeply by all of us.
We thank God you are
here and we pray that
your life will be a wonderful
journey, filled with health,
happiness and joy.
May the Lord guide you and protect
you all the days of your life.

Your Loving Grandma,

A New Angel Among Us!!

Hello Dear Friends,                                                    

Where the heck have I been....You
may have wondered......??

Thank you to all of you
who have been praying
for my Mom lately...
Mom's skin cancer is All
Gone!!!    Yippeee!!

Mom had her surgery
this past Tuesday the 23rd..
My mom's Dr. was
able to remove it all
the first time...sometimes
with the Moh's procedure
you have to go in multiple
times to get it all.

Thank You God!!!!

My second news is....

As of last evening at
6:49PM my sweet
little Granddaughter
was born Her name is...
My daughter-in-Law
throughout her pregnancy
referred to her as the
Light Of Her Life!!
Luce means light...And...
Her middle name
is LOVE......what
a Lovely Light she
truly is!!!!!

Thank You God!!!

I will have some pictures
by this evening....I hope...!
I will post them later
for you all to see!

Till then....

Love, Light and Happiness
to All!!!


"Happy Thanksgiving Day To All"

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!

The Blissful ATC Swap For November.....Come and Look!!

Hello Dear Bloggy Friends!!                                 

Happy Monday to All!!

Today I would like to share with you first a very lovely ATC made by my swap buddy Peggy. Peggy and I were randomly picked as swap buddies over at The Blissful ATC Swap Blog.

Peggy handpainted this lovely ATC and then whipstitched around the laminated edge. this is only her third ATC and I think she is so very creative and look forward to see what she will make in the future!
Peggy also included some lovely lace, and a beautiful beaded and sequined disk...this is really unique and beautiful.
The next item she hand painted Roses
onto some River Birch Bark. The
River Birch stands in Peggy's front
yard and she uses the bark in her
art work....isn't that the coolest
thing?? Peggy even gave me a
few strips for my own creative

This last ATC was made by me to trade with Peggy. I named it "Journey" for my love of travel.
Hope you all have enjoyed the pictures and I wish you all a lovely day!!
With Love …

A Treasured Heart....I Won!!

Happy Friday To All!!                             

I want to share with all
of you a very special
Giveaway that my
friend Jan had posted
on her blog recently.

Jan makes wonderful
beaded creations and lately
she started making Beaded
Heart Pins...that are just
Jan also makes beautiful
quilts and smaller Art
quilts with beading and
with unique stitches, fabrics
and charms.
Her work is unique, interesting
and beautiful.
I encourage you to visit Jan's
Blog at
You will hear woodland
sounds as you take a stroll though
her posts and come away feeling
refreshed and renewed in spirit
and soul.

I thank you my Special Friend
Jan for making this very special
heart just for me...(I was able to tell
Jan what color beads and a charm
that I would like.) I picked the
Moon and Stars charm in honor
of my Granddaughter Halle that
passed away two years ago
on November 14th 2008.

I Love All of You and Praise
The Lord for giving me such
Wonderful Friends h…

"Some Sweet Christmas Lovelies"

Hello Everybody!

Hope your  enjoying
Your Wednesday!!

Over this past weekend my
husband and I visited one
of my favorite Antique
Markets. I had been there
with some of my blogging
buddies a couple of weekends
ago but had to go back because
there is always something new
and exciting there.
My husband likes to look
around as well....that is
a real plus ladies when
your hubby can stay in
one store for as long as
you do!! I know I am
very lucky!!!

So here are some
sweet little things I picked
up...I think the cute little
bird wrapped in sheet music
is adorable...don't you??

The beautiful Post Card
was edged in German
glitter. It can be hung
on the Christmas tree
or really anywhere.

The little Christmas
house I found there when
me and my blogging buddies
were there.

Hope you enjoyed
the pre-Christmas goodies!!!
Love and A Million Hugs!!
Susan XXOO

A Beautiful Shore Bird Nest

Happy Friday Dear Friends,

I want to share something I purchased from my friend Vicki from....

I few weeks ago Vicki finished a project she was working on
featuring her beautifull Shore
Bird Nests that she lovingly
made. Vicki lovingly by hand
made each one, which took her
a few months to make. Two
of the nests were very special
because she was donating the
proceeds to the Suncoast
Seabird Sanctuary in Florida,
this is the largest Shorebird
Hospital in the USA and
receives 8000 admissions
a year for treatment and

I was one of the lucky ones
who was able to purchase
one of the two shorebird
nests whose proceeds go
to a much needed cause.

I have taken a few pictures
of which they don't do justice
to the breathtakingly loving
work the Vicki has done.

Please go visit Vicki's site
and stroll through this very
lovely lady's blog. You will
be glad you did...she is one
of the most loving and caring
people that you have ever met.

God …

Southern Belle Georgia Bloggers Retreat....November 6th. 2010

Hello Dear Friends,

You all must have thought I
dropped off the radar....well
I have been a Busy Bee lately.

I went to our second Southern
Belle Retreat this past Saturday
and had a wonderful time!!!

I wanted to share with all of
you some pictures of our day
together and also show you
what I had made for my
giveaway gift.

This is Debbie Saenz
opening the gift that I
had brought.

This is Marilyn opening her gift.
                                              This was the gift Marilyn had made to giveaway.
                                                 Isn't this the cutest thing you ever saw. Marilyn
                                               also added a little sign comemorating our day!
 I had painted and decoupaged a cigar box. I thought a Christmas theme
would be nice. I painted the whole thing inside and out and added some
vintage Angel music as well around the sides inside and out.
 Inside the box were a couple of things I made. I made an adorable little
Christmas Fabric B…


Two Winners were picked by my Mom for my 100 Follower Beautiful and Romantic Giveaway!!!

I am Soooo excited to Announce that..........
"TERRI SMITH"  is the First Winner of
my Romantic Fabric Book!!!!


"DEBBIE KAY"                 
is the Second Winner
of the Beautiful
Silver Bracelet!!!!                                                  

To The Both Of

Please send me
an E-mail with
your Addresses
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these treasure out
to you!!! My E-mail
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I want to Thank ALL
of YOU for entering
my 100 Follower 
It is a pleassure                        
and honor for me
to have you come
visit me here on my Blog
and to want to be a part of my
I look forward
to getting to know
my Newest followers
as well!!

MAY GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU!!!!                                  
Susan XXOO

My Beautiful and Romantic Giveaway Ends November 3rd. Midnight EST

Hello My Friends!!
I Just wanted to remind all of you that this wonderful Giveaway will be ending tomorrow at midnight E.S.T. I will be announcing Both Winners on Thursday the 4th of November.
I want to Thank All of you for
entering my 100th Follower
Giveaway!!! A Big Welcome
Hug also to my newest followers!!

I wish You All a Great Day
tomorrow and Good Luck!!

Love, Light and Happiness,