Monday, April 9, 2012

Georgia in Springtime....

 Hi Sweet Friends,

I first want to say hello to my
newest followers!!! Welcome
dear ladies! I hope you will
enjoy coming here and I will
be visiting you as well!!!

Today I want to share with
you all some pictures of
my Roses...I thought you
would like to take a few minutes
and enjoy natures beauty here
in Georgia!!! It is so gorgeous here
in the Springtime. This is my favorite
time of the year here in the south.

Today is just a perfect temp,
in the 70's and low humidity.

The lake photos are of our
largest lake here in Georgia
it is called Lake Lanier.
There is fishing and boating
on the lake. The color of the water
was a lovely green/blue yesterday
on Easter. We took a bit of a ride
for the afternoon before we came back
to our Easter dinner. I did not do a typical
Easter dinner...I bought a lovely roast and
put it in the crock pot with fresh veggies.
I made some red potatoes and lovely
rolls with a small salad.
Ice cream was for dessert!

 One of my sweet roses up close!

A very nice birdhouse looking for a small birdy
family to come live in it this summer!!! Rent free!
 They smell heavenly!! Ahhhhhhhh :)
My honeysuckle bush has exploded!! I
was so happy to see the honey bees on it
this afternoon!!!

This bush is outside my bathroom window and
the smell in the AM and evening is intoxicating!!

Well dear friends I will be busy this week as I am getting ready
to leave for Arizona for two weeks!!! I am visiting my wonderful
in-laws in Phoenix!!!!! I have been anticipating this visit for months!!

I wish All of you a wonderful April filled with Love and

I will miss All of you very much!!!