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Crazy Quilt Stitches and Physical Therapy......

Hi Dear Friends......... 
 I have been pretty busy lately with my Physiacl therapy session three to four times per week and also working on my class project over at Artful Gathering in Pat Winters Crazy Quilt session.

 I have been learning some new stitches...The Lazy Daisy stitch! The Feather stitch and the Herringbone stitch.

I also have been learning to make ribbon roses with a needle and some gorgeou silk ribbons.

My stitches are rather "wonky" but I am having fun, and really thats what it is all about, right?
 I decided to turn a couple of would be flowers into tiny fan shapes....I love how they turned out!!

I have a long way to go and will be adding quite a bit of ribbon flowers next!! So stay tuned I will be back!!!!!

Thank you to all of you who have been saying prayers for me and all my pain. The PT sessions are really helping me and so for the next two months I will be going and getting better everyday!!!

God is Good!!!

Love to All and God Bless You.....