A Little Lace Book....Arrives in the Mail!!

Hi Dear Friends,

I recently purchased a very pretty
lace book made by Tina from
Tiny Bear Studio.

A few weeks ago Tina had made
a lovely lace book and before I could
blink it was purchased off her Etsy

I wrote to Tina asking her if she was going
to make anymore little lace books and she
said she would make one special for me!

Upon opening her very sweetly packaged parcel
I was delighted to find my special book. I can't begin to tell you how very special each page is.
Tina is a true artist in so many areas, and her lace
books are no exception. Tina also makes the most
adorable little Bears too!  http://tinybear-dk.blogspot.com/ Please visit Tina...You will be very happy that you did!! :)

Each page is so delicate in it's beauty and form.
I am still having pain issues in my right hip. I visited my Dr. this past Monday. She gave me another cortisone shot and wrote an order to have an MRI.
My appointment will be on April 3rd. She gave me some heavy duty pain patches...that make me pretty tired. I am praying all this pain will just go away....it wears a person down being in pain all the time, ya know?

If you have had Bursitis...let me know what remedies you have tried ok?

Love and Blessings,           Susan xxoo



  1. Aw honey I am so sorry that your suffering so much with your hip. Nothing worse than pain. I sure have missed our talks.
    Maybe soon when your feeling okay we can catch up.
    I will pray for your horrible pain to cease and give you some rest. Are you sleeping any at night. I am up sometimes til 4am.
    Came in for a few minutes while Gary is trying to get a mower started for me. It died out on me mowing the high weeds around the pond.
    Your lace book is absolutely gorgeous. I know how excited you are to own something this wonderful.
    I will go by and check our your friend. She is creative like you.
    Read a article about Savannah today and guess who came into my mind. lol Can't wait for us to meet there one day.
    Glad you liked the article I wrote about being a Survivor. I had my doubts about writing it but so many of my friends that come to my site are suffering with cancer right now.
    Please take care of yourself and forgive me for not calling. I do think of you every day. We will catch up soon
    Get well Sweet Susan

  2. Susan-
    Your lace book is lovely- how sweet of your friend to make it especially for you!

    I'm sorry to hear that you are still having troubles with your hip-- I hate that for you. It's just miserable to have to deal with that nagging pain. Hopefully your MRI will help define the cause. I'm keeping you in prayers.

    Sending love-

  3. How lovely! I am sure you will treasure it and also treasure you friendship with Tina. It is artist like these that make us want to keep creating! Hugs, Jean

  4. hi Susan,,
    thanks for stopping by..
    Denver is getting ready to pop out all over in Spring finery..
    I've loved my time here and shall miss so much about this beautiful piece of paradise,,
    not the cold which has caused my arthritis to be barely tolerable at times..
    hopefully, once back in FL, my skin will benefit from the constant humidity..
    hang in there until the MRI shows the cause of the pain!!
    I'll keep you posted on the happenings at Deja Blue!!
    warmest hugs..

  5. Lovely book, it reminds me of the beautiful one I have here on my desk that you gave me. I still love it!

    So sorry to hear you are still suffering with your hip pain. I have no suggestions for you. Pain is very difficult to deal with, it doesn't show on the outside like having a cast on a broken arm or something so we tend to try to keep it to ourselves but it wears a person down. Makes it hard to be cheerful when you are in pain. Hope it goes away soon.

  6. Susan, what a treasure you've purchased. Tina's work is lovely. I have one of her embellished floral post cards and she included a chandelier crystal with it that she decoupaged on the back. It's hanging from the sm. lamp in my bedroom.
    I hope you are feeling better. You've already had enough health issues to deal with.
    Thank you for the sweet email yesterday.
    Blessings and XO

  7. Susan, this is so pretty!
    You are one of my GIVEAWAY winners! Can you please forward your email address, as I am shipping packages this week.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your hip -- I know just how you feel. I wish I had some answers; I know cortisone is a very welcome, but temporary, relief. Your lace book is gorgeous! What a treasure!

  9. Susan, I love your sweet purchase. Old or vintage lace is so much fun, and putting them to work in something like this is special. Thank you for sharing this. I hope you are having a great week.


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