My Irish Heritage.......

Top O' the Mornin To Ye....

I'de like to wish you All a very
Happy St. Patricks Day!!

I am proud to say that I am 1/2 Irish
on my fathers side of the family.
My fathers mothers family came from
northern Ireland and ventured
across the Atlantic to America in
the 1800's.

This collage page you see here
is actually a piece I did with the "Artfull
Gathering" class I was in with Nancy
James Maxwell last summer. We were
to create a book and a keepsake box
to keep the finished book in.

This lovely young lady was my fathers
sister, my Aunt Julia. The little line across
her forehead is actually a little curl she
would do with her hair. This picture of her
was from a newspaper article for a beauty
contest for "Miss Bronx"!! Julia entered many
beauty contests and eventually became a dancer
in New York City with the Gertrude Hoffman
dancers and danced on Broadway. In 1925
after a show they did called "A Night in Paris",
the whole dancing troupe boarded a ship for
Paris. I have newspaper clippings of her on the
ship with the dancers...playing shuffle board and
other activities. They had a marvelous time!!

This collage is part of a two page spread you
see here which is representing the Irish side of
my family.

Wishing you a wonderful St. Patrick's Day
whether you be Irish or not!!!

Love to All,



  1. I loved your story and pictures about your fascinating and lovely Aunt Julia! And best St. Patrick's Day wishes to you -- from someone who is, for better or worse, 100% Irish!

  2. Happy St. Pat's Day Susan!
    What gorgeous pages here and such a fascinating story about your Aunt Julia! and to have records of it all is precious and can be passed down.
    I am in a Lacebook Round Robin group at present and one of the group members has a theme of the Flapper period and it has been so fascinating to research the era and draw on images for the book too.

  3. Wonderful collage! I love everything what is Irish. Happy St. Patrick Day!

  4. Happy St Patricks day from Sunny Your collage is breathtaking to say the very least. So cleverly put to-gether. I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Enjoy your week-end.. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Susan!

    To o' the mornin' to ya!
    What a charmin' story you've shared with all of us!
    I loved every ounce of it! and your collage does it all justice.

    Speaking of your creativity...I've posted your sweet pink heart today...for PINK SATURDAY, and I've linked back to you darling!

    Have a great day.....hope you're feeling great today!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. Wow - you do fantastic collage art! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thanks for following my blog!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Gosh I have missed you dear Susan. I have been killing myself working night and day out here on the North Forty and I still am way behind. lol
    Keeps my mind off Clint though. He will go to find out how severe his disease is on Monday 19th.
    I so appreciate all your sweet prayers for him.
    Just love what you did for St. Patrick's Day. It is really beautiful. You are just so gifted. How I wish we lived close to each other so you could teach me.
    I miss our talks. Hopefully one day this week we can catch up.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Love ya

  8. Dear Susan, thankyou so much for your kind words to me,this week.
    your collage is so beautiful, and so are the story behind, such lovely ephemera to have, and to share- thankyou.

  9. Beautiful collages! Love them ♥

    Glad my post helped. Hang there sweetie ♥


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