A Vintage Metal Tray Makeover

Hi Sweet Friends,

I wanted to show you my latest
project that I have been working on!

This vintage tray had been in my
friends garage for awhile and asked me what I thought might give it some
Oomph!!! Is that a word?? Lol...
Well anyway I suggested to her to
paint it aqua!!! I had seen some lovely vintage trays lately painted
this color and suggested to her that
it might be just the thing to give it
some Oomph appeal. The tray
was a lackluster black with a faded bird in the middle. She painted it Aqua but it still needed an added
Oomph to it!  She handed it over to me
and asked me to "Do something with it!!!"

I added some gold leaf where the original
paint had bleeded through the aqua.
I also had some very pretty paper from the
Paper source shop...a lighter shade of aqua
and glued it down onto the tray. I also used
some PVA glue on the top as a sealer and protector.
Viola a pretty Aqua Magnet Tray!!

This tray was meant to
hang on a wall as it has a lovely little hook on the back!!

I think it came out lovely!!!

I still have some final touches with
the gold leaf pen.

I love Gold leaf pens...I use it on ceramics,
cards, ATC's..metal trays..Lol :)

What have you been up to so far this week?

Love and Blessings to All,



  1. love love love, great work my friend. I have been trying to get pre pared for my surgery next Tuesday. Hugs Mary

  2. Dear sweet Susan, you made the most beautiful tray for your friend, so sweet with the birdcages, and the colour is truly lovely.
    Thankyou my dear for your kind and sweet words to me- HUGS-

  3. That tray is so beautiful! You really do have a creative gift, Susan!

  4. Dear Sweet Susan
    Been thinking about you and missing you.
    I hope we do talk soon.
    I agree with Dr. Kathy this is beautiful and like I always say you are so creative.
    Hope your well honey

  5. What a delightful transformation on the tray.
    The bird cages with the Robins egg blue color a perfect choice.
    Thank you so much Susan for the information on my button collection. I so appreciate it.
    Hugs Lynn

  6. It did turn out lovely, this is beautiful Susan, I love this colour combination - it's just 'darling' as you guys say lol thanks for sharing :) xx


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