Happy 92nd. Birthday Mommy!!!!

Good Day Dear Friends,

Today is my Dear mothers
92nd. Birthday!! Yay!!

My Mom is a dear and sweet
person who to this day loves
to sing and chat about  her life
and times growing up. Her
favorite times were spent on
the farm in Connecticut with
her favorite aunt Millie.
Mom would feed the pigs,
and the chickens! Row a boat
in the lake in front of the farm
and help make brownies for her
boyfriend in WW2.

My mom is my best friend, my teacher
my confidant, my spiritual counsel.
My life is all the more richer, brighter
and happier with her here!
I thank God everyday for the gift
of having my Mother with me!

Tonight at midnight my 200 Follower
Giveaway ends!! I will announce
the "Winner" Tomorrow the 21st.

Love to All,



  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!! How lucky for you to have her this long! Enjoy your special day together. Hugs Mary

  2. Dear Susan
    Wishing for your Mum a most Happy Birthday!
    A wonderful age to reach and she seems in such good health and happy!
    Have a very special celebration with her and treasure each precious moment.
    There are not many of us who can share such a beautiful and treasured thing at our age!
    Love and hugs to you,

  3. Susan I am so sorry I missed your mom's special day. I hope you two had a great time celebrating
    I have tried leaving comments the last few days but it won't let me so let's hope this goes through
    Happy Birthday to your mom

  4. Honey you have to get rid of this word verification. Have you seen how they changed it. Too hard to use


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