My "Sweet 200 Follower Giveaway Winner is Announced"!!!!!

Hi Sweet Friends,

Before Mom went to bed
and after her Birthday cake,
I had her pick the name of
the winner who won the

And so without further
ado.........Drum roll......



You have WON my 200 Follower
Giveaway!!! I am sooo Happy for
You!!! I will send your package
right out to you!!

Thank you to All of my dear Followers
for signing up for this giveaway!!

I wish I could send you ALL something
but I cannot!  I do wish All of you Love,
Happiness and Blessings from my heart
to your heart!!

Love To you All,



  1. Congratulations to Carmelina!
    Just wonderful as you have recently been blessed with a winning from her!
    Hope you are enjoying a very Happy Birthday with your mum dear Susan,

  2. Susan just had to come by and see who won your lovely giveaway.
    Congrats to lucky Carmelina! I love her name. lol
    Have a wonderful day. Talk to you soon

  3. Okay...I'm here Susan...and I'm leaving you a comment that seems to be working thus far! You did it!, you fixed the comment problem!

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you again for your gift....I can't believe I won....and you know I'm going to enjoy every morsel of yummy goodness in your package! I can't wait to tell my daughter! she'll be tickled pink too...and together we can do the mother - daughter dance of joy! lol

    I shall await your gift.....thanks so very much...and congratulations again on your 200th're already 10 above that!

    Hope your day is as bright as mine is noW!!!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  4. Congratulatioons to Carmelina, I can tell she is very happy-
    Hugs to you, and a great tuesday,Susan.

  5. Congrats to Carmelina! How wonderful-xo Diana


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