Antique Booth Heaven...And...200th Follower Giveaway Soon!

Hi Sweetie's....

I'm still living and breathing.....I think!!

I have not felt very well since I tweaked
the booth last weekend. I have a rather
delicate stomach and chills...ughh!!

I wanted to post my Giveaway this
week but I think I will post it next
week if you don't mind. I promise
you will love it!!!! :)

We rearranged the booth last weekend,
although it looks a bit bare....I have a new
piece of furniture to add to it but need to
do some de-stressing to it....poor thing is so!! :)

 I made a Valentine banner last week so added it to the table's too cute!!
 I have been selling a lot of my Bookmarks and candles, so need to make more of them as well!!

Since this picture was taken last Sunday someone bought the old vintage iron board
so who knows where the linens were tossed!! Lol

Well I am going to go back and lay down......Say a little prayer that
I am up and around real soon....ok?

Love and Blessings,



  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling bad Susan. I hope you are up and well soon.
    Your booth looks very pretty. Customers love those old ironing boards.


  2. Thanks so much for coming by for a have a charming booth...what mall are you in? I come to your area a few times a year. I see that you thought that I live in Savannah, I don't, I live on the Alabama gulf coast.


  3. Hi dear Susan- Hope you are soon better, and that someone are serving you warm tea, and soup.
    Your booth looks lovely, and inviting.

  4. Feel better soon, Susan. Your booth is so cute. Amy

  5. Dear Susan, so sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope you will soon get better, your booth looks beautiful with so many wonderful things.
    Love and Hugs Anni

  6. Awww Susan your booth is just *GORGEOUS*, exactly the place I could spend hours in. Congratulations on your sales & your followers, I come over and check what you're up to often during the day but as I'm on my iphone I don't dare leave comments after one disasterous attempt I made on someone elses blog, but I do keep an eye and love what you do (I wasnt surprised you won the CC flash giveaway, when I looked at her post it was FULL of your comments tee hee I actually said 'you go girl' aloud, to questioning looks lol). I hope you are feeling better soon dear, rest up & take care of yourself :) much love x

  7. Hi Susan,
    I LOVE your booth!!! Everything looks fabulous and so warm too!!! Delightful! And I hope it's going great. Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  8. Susan your booth looks delightfully inviting! Sorry you wore yourself out setting it up and hope you are back on your feet by now. This looks like a wonderful and engaging project that will keep you very busy, hopefully bring you plenty of sales too!


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