Help....I'm Addicted To Chalk Paint.........

 Hi Sweeties!!!!

I hope your day is going well for you!!

So I have a new Love.....Chalk Paint!!!

Have your heard of Anni Sloan chalk
paint? Well I found some in one of
my favorite Antique malls. 
I became smitten immediately!
The fun part was you could buy
samples to try it out. I bought two is called Aubusson Blue
and the other is Chateau Grey.
The grey is not really a
reminds me of the Italian villas
that with time the grey turns
a bit green from moisture..
so lovely! 

The large silver plate tray was painted in both the blue and the grey.
I also added a stenciled bird in the middle using the Aubusson Blue.
Both the tray and the stand are sold together in my booth.

This little tray I found in
an estate sale,  it also
had  no chance of
escaping the chalk paint
I had also bought
this old fork at the estate sale
which was really really
I cleaned it up a bit and
thought it would go so well
with the tray....I curled the
fork tines and stuck a  cork
on it my rather quirky "Eat and
Have Wine" Art!! Ha ha!

The third little tray was also really grungy
and dirty so I cleaned her up and added
chalk paint to her too!!!! I think the Zebra
print ribbon worked well with the blue,
don't you??

Well my dears I'm off finding more
objects to add chalk paint to.....because
I'm Addicted to it!!!! Hahahahahaha

Blessings and Happiness,



  1. love the colored chalk paint! I have got to get me some! :O)

  2. Looks like you are having too much fun! That is a GOOD thing!

  3. I just bought my first can, Creme, and I can't wait to start on something. I keep walking around the house with an eagle eye now!

  4. Dear Susan, wonderful and creative idea to use chalk paint on these different things, love them all.
    Hugs Anni


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