A Darling Vintage Jewelry Holder...

 Hi Sweet Friends,

Hope all of you are having
a good week so far.
I have been doing a bit of
resting lately as I have a lot
of pain in my right hip. I have
Bursitis in the hip and if you
have ever experienced the
pain from bursitis you will
understand. Prolonged walking
makes it more painful. I did
have a cortisone shot in my
hip about 4 weeks ago but
it wore off quickly.

Ahh well enough about that!!

I am showing you something
that I bought at an estate sale
a while ago. It is a revolving/
tilting wooden picture frame,
which sits on a weighted stand
of rather hefty metal. The inner
frame that turns over was rather
wobbly.  I have had it on my work
table for awhile wondering how to
bring it to life once again. On the same
table I have a couple of baskets with
lovely doilies...and the thought came to me
to  incorporate the lace with this frame.
I used an automatic staple gun to attach
the doily, added some bits and bobs
and Viola'!!

I have placed it in my Antique booth now....
Don't you think it would look darling
on someones vanity or dresser?

I chose not to paint it as the
wood has a glint of gold here
and there. The wood is really beautiful.
and the pictures do not give it justice
to it's beauty. It looks to me like it
is from the 1920's or 30's...what do you

Tell me what your up to this week....
I love your comments and visits so much!!
I look forward to hearing for you. :)

Love and Blessings to All,



  1. I am so inspired by your creativity! I have had a few discouraging moments but using this time to spend praying and seeking after God's heart. I feel that I am where He wants me to be in spite of my circumstance. Thank you for asking and for your prayers.

  2. I love this, What a great use of the lace and the frame!!!

  3. Dear Susan- I so hope you will soon feel better,-So sorry for you, about the pain.
    The mirror frame is wonderful, and the doily you added looks beautiful inside.
    xo, Dorthe

  4. I am sorry honey that your hurting. I feel terrible that I have not called you.
    My days are gone before I know it. We have had so much rain that I can not catch up outside.
    Been mowing like a crazy woman.
    I hope by now your feeling much better.
    Love how your mirror frame turned out. You won't have it long if you put it in your shop.
    Hope that is going well for you too.
    Clint had his biopsy done today so I am waiting on the results. They told him 48 hours but maybe they won't keep us waiting that long.
    Love you honey.

  5. Susan, I pray that you get feeling better. I love this idea for a vintage jewelry holder. Absolutely lovely. Love, love, love it!
    Hugs to you from across the miles,

  6. Can I buy that? It is gorgeous!

    1. I lost you email. Can you send me a price on your jewelry Stand? I really am interested. My daughter collects pins and such and this would be gorgeous in her room. HugZ Jean from PDA.

  7. Oh Susan,
    I sure hope you feel better soon and I love your vintage jewelry holder!
    Sending (((hugs))) your way.
    Love & blessings,

  8. How pretty this is, Susan! I made something similar years ago but with a plain mesh. I never thought of using vintage lace! Double use: earring holder AND pretty decor accessory!

    XO Diane

  9. Beautiful creations! Your vintage jewelry holder looks gorgeous!

  10. Hi Susan,
    Just popped over to say "hi" and hope you're having a good day!!!

  11. I LOVE THIS!

    This is incredible.....it's beautiful.
    I want it too! hehee.....is that too much to ask!?

    just kidding.....
    I have posted your giveaway and thanked you officially on my blog...so make your way on over! chickie.

    I do hope your pain in the hip subsides....it's not fun dealing with any sort of pain.....even a tooth ache can suck the joy and life right out of you! lol so hang in there...rest when you can...and catch up on your reading! I have so many books that I need to get to......but March break is right around the corner...so maybe I'll squeeze in some nightly reading after a day with the kids!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  12. Susan, sorry to hear you have been having so much pain, hope you get to feeling better real quickly from now. Pain is such a hard thing to deal with, hard to describe.

    I have a frame very much like the one you are showing here. It has a picture of my grandmother in it. It is wobbly too but I have it propped up. Love it!

    Get well soon my friend.


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