Lucia, Lucia....Oh how I love You!!!

Hello Dear Friends,

How are All of you today?

Well here is the latest picture
of my sweetie pie Lucia!!
Her Daddy took this picture
of her yesterday. She can
smile and laugh now too!
She is three months old now.
Do you see that DIMPLE???
Ha Ha how cute is that???

Another three weeks to
go and counting to see
this cute little person!!
Geez it's taking way too
long to see my first
grand daughter...ah well
till then I am putting
all her pictures all over the

Also my dear Mother
celebrated her Birthday
yesterday...she turned
91 yrs. Poor thing woke
up on her birthday and
caught the cold my
husband has had all last
week. She is ok I'm
doctoring her up and giving
her lots of TLC.

I think I'm getting it though

Love you all a bushel and
a peck!!!



  1. What a darling! No wonder you have pictures of her all over and can't wait to see her. I don't blame you. ; )

  2. Susan, she is a cutie pie- so sweet,
    oh- dear I so understand you long to see her in real, --and you please take care,- I hope you will not get a bad cold, dear friend--
    did yuou get my mail ,sweet?

  3. What an adorable sweetie! I am excited for you to get over and see her irl and take your own photos.

    Happy Birthday Mom! I'm sure you will be able to doctor her up and get her quickly past this cold. Don't catch it yourself! Take care of yourself.

  4. Oh Susan - that sweet face - that little crooked smile - that dimple - she is adorable! I cannot wait for YOU to hold her in your arms (and I do want to see a picture of that!!) Pink is the perfect color for this precious baby - I want to pinch her adorable little cheeks!

    Bless your sweet Mama - I hope this cold does not turn out to be too much of a bother for her! You are so blessed to have your Mother at her precious age of 91. Another miracle from God~~


  5. Oh, my goodnes how cute. Glad you are all doing fine. You get over this cold, I just got the whooping cough vacine cause of our two new grandbabies....the doctor said I had to, please check into it. Love Mary

  6. oh, so cute!! Hope you are all well soon.

  7. Your granddaughter is such a cutie!! Grandchildren are just the best. I am going to have a new grandson next month!!

    Hope your mother gets well quickly!

  8. Susan honey what a precious darling little girl. Isn't this just the best picture ever! I was just thinking about you and Lucia this morning wondering when you would make the trip to see her.
    I am so happy you got more pictures to enjoy.
    Yep that dimple is something else. lol
    Hope we can talk soon I miss you

  9. Aaaaaawwww. Kootchiekootchie coooo!!! I love her dimple. Hahahah! So precious. I love the smell of babies. Tsup!


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