A Beautiful Droplet made by Diane Knott....

Hello Friends!!                                                             

I wanted to share with all
of you what I received in the
mail today from Diane.
I ordered one of her
beautiful Droplets that
she made recently.

It is such a pretty creation.
I also received one of her
handmade Tea envelopes
with two flavored teas
inclosed. Diane also included
three of her handmade tags that
say "Seek Joy"!!! Thank you
Diane so much!!

Please stop over and visit
Diane and her daughter Holly.
Their etsy shop is on my sidebar.
Cottage By The Pond.
You can visit Diane also
on her blog at :

Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!

Love and Light,



  1. I like the envelopes she put the tea in. What a nice way to put several kinds of tea in, that truely is a nice gift. Hope you are having a nice day, our weather is lovely today but they say it is going down hill tommorow. Love and Hugs Mary

  2. very sweet. I'm headed over there next...take care and stay warm..;j

  3. I love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment on mine. I will be following you. It's great to read something so different and creative.

  4. Susan, I,too love Diane`s wonderfull paper-art- and what you ordered and was giftet with, are all, so pritty, and beautifull.


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