Valentine Tags...and The Power of Chocolate

Hi All!!

I thought I would share
some chocolate with
you...ummm I mean
the Valentine tags
I  made...sorry
but there is a shortage of
chocolate right now in
the house and well
I can't share....well
alright, but just a little!

Selfish girl that I am...
I just wanted to say
I Love You All!!

Enjoy your weekend
and if your going to
do something romantic
let me know...well
like going to dinner?
Dancing? A quite
evening with Champagne
and yes your loved one too!!

I am too silly now so I will
just say......Enjoy your
weekend whatever
you will be doing!

Ciao Bella!!



  1. Sweet Susan,
    I love your Valentines tags- your sillynes-and your chocolate-

  2. Pretty tags Susan! My hubby has been out of town since Tues. he comes home tomorrow! Yippee!! I don't like it when he travels. Just having him home will be a wonderful Valentines gift...but....I think he has exciting plans up his sleeve! xoxo

  3. What beautiful fun tags, Susan ... please pass the chocolate!

    Happy Valentine's ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Susan, I'm glad you liked the enclosures with the droplet. :-) You made my day when you asked if it was for sale. Thank you!

    Now...about the chocolate...I believe the stores open at about 9 so I'll be waiting for you to restock! ;-)

    Hugs, Diane

  5. Lovely tags and I agree...pass the chocolate please!!!! :)

  6. Susan - these tags are just precious! What a wonderful way to acent a special gift of love! (Is there ever enough chocolate to share?) NOT!!!

    I know I am behind - (way behind actually) - but I posted a lovely photo of the beautiful gift pouch and crochet heart on my blog just last night. You know (after I ate the chocolate!) and removed all the sweet treasures - I looked at that little pouch and thought that it would make an adorable tooth fairy pouch for our little grand daughter. (granted she is only 8 months old right now - but I am saving it for that occasion - I think that it is precious!)



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