A Wonderful Mug Mat Swap!!

Hello All!!

I want to share
with all of you
a swap I was in
which was hosted
by Donna of
Brynwood Needles.

We were given a
swap buddy and
their favorite
color was.
My buddy
was Karen
Karen has a great Blog.                                            
She has two Rabbits,
one is named Weasley
and the other is Ginny.
Karen makes fantastic
quilts as well.
Please go visit her
and her cute Bunnies!

Karen not only made one
Mug Mat but Two Mug Mats
for me!! She said she could not
decide which one to give to me
so she gave me both!! I feel
so spoiled!! I told her
I liked Pink!

Aren't they beautiful!!!
When I brought the box in
the house yesterday I heard
a noise coming from the box.
In my wild imagination I thought
oh maybe Karen sent me a Rabbit!!
So very carefully I peered inside
and saw some nice soft gray
fur....yikes...it was a bunny!!
He is so so cute!! I have named
him Mr. Bunny Bunn's. I gave
him a big hug and welcomed
him to my home and we are
the best of buds now!!

Karen also gave me two
chocolate bars of her
favorite chocolate!!
So Yummy!!!

Thank you Karen so
much for the beauitful
Mug Mats and Bunn's
and the chocolate!
I am still smiling!!!

I am also sharing with you
all the Mug Mat I made for                                                         
Karen. She liked the color
blue and so I looked for the
prettiest fabrics in blue and                                             
I also made a Mug Mat holder
for her as well. I included some
yummy Starbucks coffee in
her box to enjoy.

Many thanks to
Donna for hosting
this wonderful Swap!

Please click onto my sidebar
to see all the other Mug Mats
on Flicker.

Wishing you All a
Great Day!!!
Blessings from,

Susan and Bunn's!!





  1. I just love the beautiful Mug Mats you received! Love the color combinations. The one you maybe is also just adorable!!

  2. I had to ask someone else what the heck a mug mat was, I hadn't heard the term before. It is a great idea! Yours turned out great and so did the ones you received. You sure get in on a lot of swaps, isn't it fun! You never know what you will get, but it's always good.

  3. Exquisite mug mats in pinks and blue. This looks like a wonderful swap. Happy creating...

  4. You are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. This was fun, wasn't it?

  5. Hi dear Susan, what alovely swap,-you was so lucky to have Mr. Bunny Bunn`s --
    Susan I have taken a pink angel ,from my stach to you, and will send it very soon, dear.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  6. Susan honey so glad we talked tonight so I could get over here and see your mats. I love both of the ones you received and the bunny is just so cute. I can just see you naming it. lol
    Yours turned out really pretty too. Until I received one of these mats from Donna I had no idea that they existed. But their really nice to have and so pretty.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that we talk again soon.


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