Will You Have A HeArt of Mine???? Thank you to All 10 winners!!! xxoo

Hello Dear Friends,

I learned how to make little
crochet hearts yesterday and
I can't remember who had the
tutorial on her blog at the moment.
If anyone remembers who it
was please let me know

As I have been making these lovely
little hearts I thought of an idea.....
Ok so here it is...ready??

The "First 10 Followers" of mine
I will send Each of You one of my little
hearts and also I will include
a mystery gift as well, ok?
Oh and let me know if you
want a "Ribbon Heart" or
a "Yarn Heart" as well!

So all you have to do is
be an "Existing Follower"
of mine and be one of
the "Ten" who write to
me First ok??

Get ready... get set go......;)

Loving thoughts to All!



  1. Yippee skippy! They are darling! Ribbons for sure. Thank you ...

    Have a beautiful winter's eve ~
    TTFN ~

    GIVEAWAY ends Sunday

  2. These are really, really cute! Ribbon would be my choice. I will have to keep my eye on this post so I can find the toot as well! Thanks, Connie

  3. Oh happy day!! I am number3!!! I think these hearts are precious - can I have a ribbon one? Thanks girlfriend!! Whop- de- do!!

  4. Yeah!! I am so happy you visited my blog!! Yes, Savannah is beautiful! But we love the area north of Atlanta as well... And now I arrive here when I can receive a pretty heart!! And I love that ribbon heart! Wonderful!! :) Silke

  5. What cute little hearts. I would love to know how to male them. Hope the evening is going well for you.......Love Mary

  6. how sweet, I would love the yarn heart...oh my! Have a lovely day..;j

  7. Your hearts are so cute Susan. I love both. Gret little project.
    xo Tina

  8. Your little hearts are so beautiful, Ribbon would also be my choice, have a nice weekend.

  9. Oh, dear I think I`m here in time, for a lovely heart- I will be so happy for a ribbon one, Susan-they are sweet, What a wonderfull and kind idea .
    Hugs, Dorthe

  10. What a lovely memory you brought back to me! My grandma has been gone for 18 years and she used to make these little hearts! The ribbon hearts or sure. Have a great day! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Since this is 17 hours after you posted this sweet giveaway I am sure I am too late. Very cute heart and if you remeber where the tutorial was let me know I would love to try to make some!

  12. oH well I'm too late but Susan if you remember where you saw the tutorial let me know..I want try them.... hugs wendy

  13. The site that had the directions for the adorable hearts is Little Birdie Secrets http://littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com/2010/01/how-to-crochet-heart.html

  14. late as usual:-( Sweethearts!

  15. I have been trying to come by here for days. Boy do I need some organizational skills in my life. Ones like you have would be great.
    Love your little hearts. How cute!
    Hope your having a great weekend and everything is okay.
    It warmed up here the last few days so I should be outside.
    Thanks for always comforting me you are just the best friend.

  16. Dear Susan,
    thankyou for letting me know I`m one of the first 10 followers, to be the lucky one, recieving a sweet and pretty little heart from you-
    It is such a loving gesture, sweet friend.
    Happy saturday evening-

  17. Aw ... a day late and a dollar short! :( But, thank you for the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous works of art. I crochet so the 'hearts' are my favorite. Have a beautiful day my friend ~ I'm off to send you photos. Hugs, Marilyn PS Thank you for posting my giveaway on your sidebar, you are always so generous and kind!!!

  18. Ooops, I am number 18 and the hearts are very sweet.

  19. aw these are so cute! right now I'm immersed in a scarf crochet project ;)

    happy weekend!

    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog!


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