"Some Sweet Christmas Lovelies"

 Hello Everybody!

Hope your  enjoying
Your Wednesday!!

Over this past weekend my
husband and I visited one
of my favorite Antique
Markets. I had been there
with some of my blogging
buddies a couple of weekends
ago but had to go back because
there is always something new
and exciting there.
My husband likes to look
around as well....that is
a real plus ladies when
your hubby can stay in
one store for as long as
you do!! I know I am
very lucky!!!

So here are some
sweet little things I picked
up...I think the cute little
bird wrapped in sheet music
is adorable...don't you??

The beautiful Post Card
was edged in German
glitter. It can be hung
on the Christmas tree
or really anywhere.

The little Christmas
house I found there when
me and my blogging buddies
were there.

Hope you enjoyed
the pre-Christmas

Love and A Million Hugs!!



  1. What lovely finds, the little house is darling & reminds me of when I was a child.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Those are sweet items. Looks like a Christmas carol was used as the music paper wrapping the bird? Cute idea. That little house reminds me also of the childhood Christmas village my Mom used to display. I wonder what ever happened to those old things?

  3. Ohhh cute finds. Good for you!

    Debbie Kay

  4. Loving these sweet finds you posted. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

  5. Great weekend you had Susan. Yes you are lucky to have a husband who likes to shop where you do.
    These are great finds especially the bird

  6. Susan, how beautifull they are all- I`m totally in love with the cute house-you got great finds.

  7. Hi Sweet Susan~~
    Oh they are all soo pretty!
    My hubby likes to look at antique-y stores too...you are so right...we are very, very lucky, in so many ways.
    I see your beautiful kitty Sammy...he is gorgeous, just like I imagined from our phone conversation recently.
    I am posting photos of my Sammmy and kitty Bella in a few moments..joy!
    Love you~

  8. Oh Susan - we must have the same "great" taste - because I love all of your new found Christmas treasures! That house is totally beautiful! Great shopping my friend!



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