A New Angel Among Us!!

Hello Dear Friends,                                                    

Where the heck have I been....You
may have wondered......??

Thank you to all of you
who have been praying
for my Mom lately...
Mom's skin cancer is All
Gone!!!    Yippeee!!

Mom had her surgery
this past Tuesday the 23rd..
My mom's Dr. was
able to remove it all
the first time...sometimes
with the Moh's procedure
you have to go in multiple
times to get it all.

Thank You God!!!!

My second news is....

As of last evening at
6:49PM my sweet
little Granddaughter
was born Her name is...
My daughter-in-Law
throughout her pregnancy
referred to her as the
Light Of Her Life!!
Luce means light...And...
Her middle name
is LOVE......what
a Lovely Light she
truly is!!!!!

Thank You God!!!
I will have some pictures
by this evening....I hope...!
I will post them later
for you all to see!

Till then....

Love, Light and Happiness
to All!!!



  1. Dearest Susan,
    big congratulations, with your new grandchild-
    what lovely names, she got--
    I guess you are totally in love--again-- it is such a happy feeling :)
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. You indeed have a lot to be thankful for this season! I am so glad that your mom is doing well and the surgery was so successful. And what a wonderful blessing to have the new grand baby! Beautiful name, I look forward to seeing the pictures if you decide to post them. Have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations on all counts! You truly have a lot to be thankful for. Connie

  4. Congrats on your new baby Lucia!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!
    Also great news for your mother!!!!
    Enjoy your new sweet little baby :)


  5. I am so happy to hear the news my dear friend. Glad to hear of all the happiness going on in your home. GIve you new grandbaby a kiss for me. We are expecting next weekend. I will keep ypu posted. Lots of love from John and I. HUGS MARY

  6. Congratulations, Grandma! I'm so happy for you, your daughter-in-law, and your mom. Lots to be Thankful for :)

  7. So very thankful to hear of your good news on your mom. A new granddaughter is truly a gift. Congratulations Grandma.

  8. Such happy news. Congrats to your mom and Congrats to you Grandma. What a sweet name she has...I am expecting my first grandgirl in Feb and can't wait..;j

  9. Susan-
    Bless you and your new granddaughter - what a wonderful addition to your family - and her name is BEAUTIFUL! We can hardly wait to see the photos!

    I am so happy that your Mother is doing so well. Yes, prayer is a wonderful healer - I am so very happy for your good news.


  10. Congratulations on all counts - Mum's going well and a new life is born!

  11. I am so very happy to hear the good news about your Mom!! That is absolutely wonderful Dear Susan!!
    Love & Hugs,
    Carol Anne


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