A Beautiful Shore Bird Nest

Happy Friday Dear Friends,

I want to share something
I purchased from my friend
Vicki from....

I few weeks ago Vicki finished
a project she was working on
featuring her beautifull Shore
Bird Nests that she lovingly
made. Vicki lovingly by hand
made each one, which took her
a few months to make. Two
of the nests were very special
because she was donating the
proceeds to the Suncoast
Seabird Sanctuary in Florida,
this is the largest Shorebird
Hospital in the USA and
receives 8000 admissions
a year for treatment and

I was one of the lucky ones
who was able to purchase
one of the two shorebird
nests whose proceeds go
to a much needed cause.

I have taken a few pictures
of which they don't do justice
to the breathtakingly loving
work the Vicki has done.

Please go visit Vicki's site
and stroll through this very
lovely lady's blog. You will
be glad you did...she is one
of the most loving and caring
people that you have ever met.

God Bless All,




  1. I have long admired Vicki's blog and her beautiful nests. She sometimes even writes a short story about their adventures!

  2. Wow! these nests are truly fabulous! You are so lucky to be the owner of one! I went to her blog and viewed other of her nests, went to her Etsy site and see they are all sold out. This is a stunning piece of art, I love it! Thanks for sharing.
    You should check my blog today, there is a surprise for you.

  3. I have bought one,too,-of the most lovely made nests.
    You can see it on my blog, today,too, Susan.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  4. Susan I have never ever seen anything like this. Wish I could see it in person. Looks very pretty.
    Girlfriend I just read your comment on my site and I have to say you are a very naughty girl. Santa may just leave you coal in your stocking and it might be hot too. hahaha
    I nearly died when I read your funny comment. Boy do I wish we lived close

  5. Ooh how I must have one of Miss Vicki's beautiful nests one of these years. Yours is very special indeed.

  6. How gorgeous and unique!
    Hugs, Diane

  7. Susan, fantastic nest you purchased from Vicki, it looks so soft with all these different yarns.

  8. I love her nests. They are so unique and interesting. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  9. This is exquisite. I have one of her other nests from earlier in the year. The details are incredible. Enjoy.

  10. Wow Susan I am among the best artist in this little group, for sure. I am so new to this I am learning up a storm. blessings


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