The Blissful ATC Swap For November.....Come and Look!!

Hello Dear Bloggy Friends!!                                 

Happy Monday to All!!

Today I would like to share
with you first a very lovely
ATC made by my swap buddy
Peggy. Peggy and I were
randomly picked as swap
buddies over at The Blissful
ATC Swap Blog.

Peggy handpainted this lovely
ATC and then whipstitched
around the laminated edge.
this is only her third ATC
and I think she is so very
creative and look forward
to see what she will make
in the future!

Peggy also included some lovely lace,
and a beautiful beaded and sequined
disk...this is really unique and beautiful.

The next item she hand painted Roses
onto some River Birch Bark. The
River Birch stands in Peggy's front
yard and she uses the bark in her
art work....isn't that the coolest
thing?? Peggy even gave me a
few strips for my own creative

This last ATC was made by me to trade with Peggy.
I named it "Journey" for my love of travel.

Hope you all have enjoyed the pictures
and I wish you all a lovely day!!

With Love and Gods Blessings To All,



  1. Nice things you are sharing with us today. The ATC by Peggy I thought at first was a decorated cake! That sequined beaded disk is very unusual and striking. How did she make that I wonder. Your ATC is wonderful also, maybe your next one will have some bark bits on it?

  2. Wow Susan these are beautiful. I love visiting you. Honey you need to visit my site I have a surprise there for you

  3. Susan - these are each so very lovely - and they are treasures to delight! I love them all - your travel card is beautiful - so colorful - LOVE the Tanzania stamp!


  4. Susan just left Grandma Yellow Hairs site and wanted to come by and congradulate you on your win.
    I told her it was my turn
    Beautiful post you have here


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