My son and I and our little trip to Savannah and Tybee Island....

Hi Friends,

As promised I am
posting some more
pictures of our time
down in Savannah
and Tybee Island.

This is my son Andy
down by the water
front in Savannah.
We checked in
and then we headed
down by the river.
Savannah has the
4th largest port
in America and unlike
the other three ports
like New York and
San Francisco,
Savannah's port has
plenty of room for
There are many nice
restaurants down by
the river and that night
we had some wonderful fish
by the river.
After dinner we went
on the Ghost tour
of Savannah in a lovely
black hearse!! Our
driver is also a Fireman
for Savannah so he had
some very interesting tales
to tell us!!
This is one of the mighty
Tug boats that push and pull
the huge container ships
that go in and out daily
throught the Savannah

I think one of the crowning
jewels in Savannah has to
be her mighty Oak trees
complete with Spanish Moss
hanging from their limbs.
The oldest Oak standing
in Savannah is estimated
to be around 275 years
old. It stands in front
of the old hospital that is
boarded up presently
During the civil war
the wounded soldiers
were lain there to await
a doctor to help heal them.

Here we are now on Tybee Island.
We went out onto the boardwalk
that extends out a bit for walking
and fishing from the pier.
The waves were a bit higher
that day as hurricane Earl
had just passed by the day before.
You can get to Tybee from
Savannah in about 15 minutes.

Andy and I spent a couple of hours
at the beach and walked around
collecting the oceans treasures.
Perfect Day!!

Ahhh the sun felt so good on my tootsies!! ;)
So here's goofy me with Forest Gump.
A couple of years ago when my husband
and I visited Savannah for the first time
we took one of the Trolley Tour bus
rides of the city...which is highly
recommended for your first visit
While my hubby and I were on
the trolley that day Forest Gump
came up to us as we approached
Chippawa square where Forest
Gump was filmed. Well Forest
was looking for his Jenny that
day on our bus and I thought it
was the greatest thing and after
the trolley tour we went back
to hunt down Forrest but he was
no where to be found till Andy
and I went over the the square
last Saturday morning to get
my favorite coffee on the corner
of Bull St. and as I was tellling my son
that every time I would come back and
look for Forrest he was not there. So as I
am telling my son the story my son says
Ma..there he is and sure enough on the
opposite side of the park is Forrest
walking with his cute little suitcase
so I tell my son ok I'm going to run
and try to catch up with him cause
" I'm not letting Forest get away from
me now"!!!....well Forrest goes into a
theater across the street and my son and
I follow him in. At first I don't see him
and then my son says look there he is over
in the corner behind a counter....ha ha got
him cornered now...I say to him "Forrest
I finally tracked you down"!! He was too
cute I told him my story and we chatted
for awhile and he let my son take our picture
as well. His name is John Sandifer and he is
and actor...I have one of his cards. We asked him
how he became Forrest and he said one day
where he worked there in Savannah he decided
to dress up like Forrest and it just blossomed
from there. He is now jumping on the Old Savannah
Trolley Tour buses to entertain the tourists
and he will also be featured
in one of the local magazines soon too.
He was a such great sport about me being such a
goofball lady. So I
hope someday you will get to meet
John/Forrest he is a sweetheart!!

Hope you all liked the tour and
I wish you all a wonderful Day!!

Love and Blessings,



  1. I enjoyed the tour very much. The pictures are beautiful and I love the one of you and Forrest. Glad you finally found him. That is so cool! Hugs

  2. Hi Susan.

    I saw your comment on the soldered charms and I get my suppies from Hobby lobby. they have the soldering irons , the copper tape and the soldered here... the glass slides your can buy on line. fun expression from oriental trading have them too or cut the glass yourself... I think I might have to do a how too soon hope this helps .Hugs Wendy

  3. Now I almost feel I was with you on that trip! Thanks for sharing, you look quite lovely sitting with Forest.

  4. Susan honey these are just the best pictures and story to go along with them. Of course I had to come over here and see the one with you and Forrest. lol
    I am so glad you chased him down otherwise when I come to Savannah with you it would of been me chasing hime.
    You needed this outing and so glad you got to go. That beach looks like a little of Heaven to me.
    Hope your having a great week

  5. Hi Susan! Thanks for signing up to follow my blog - always nice to see new faces. Interestingly, Savannah is on my hit list. Judging from these photos, I'll enjoy it! Cheers.

  6. Oh what fun, thank you for the tour!

  7. So this is our Susan! How nice that I can now picture you as you are! :-)
    Hugs, Diane


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