Votes needed!! Calling All Followers and Friends Of Art of Mine!!!!

Hi All!!

As most of you know I have a real passion recently
for making ATC's aka "Artist Trading Cards".
Wendy and Debbie over at "Blissfull ATC Swap"
put together a Challenge to make a holder for
all of our lovely ATC's that we are accumulating.
We have now posted pictures of our ATC holders
and we All need votes from all of our Followers
and Friends out here in Blogland!!

I made my ATC Wall Hanging from a vintage
embroidered Linen T Towel. I sewed some very fine
white netting over the top and made a total of 21 pockets.
Along the sides I sewed some French satin
ribbon and some pretty cream and pink trim on the top.
Also I made 4 pretty little tabs on top with more
pink satin ribbon and attached the wall hanging
to the shabby white wire holder.
I thought the netting was great to use for the
pockets as it is very sheer to see through but
sturdy enough to hold the ATC's.

You can see my ATC Wall Hanging

Then if you would like to vote for mine
then send an E-mail to Wendy and Debbie
and leave your vote!!

Thank you Dear Friends so much!!!




  1. Wow Susan..I love the wall hanging! What a creative idea! Thanks for your sweet visit earlier..and for all your sweet sentiments regarding my newest pieces. Just can't express what it means to me when folks enjoy my vision. Hey..and I'm thinking now (after your suggestion) of offering my cobalt blues singularly. Nothing in life is happenstance and I'm taking it as a sign with your little nudge. :)) Hugs of Southern Sunshine, Terri

  2. The wall hanging is just darling, Hope you are well, I have not heard back from you so I was wondering if you got my email. I love my ATC card you sent it is in my sewing room with all the lovelies you have sent me. XO AND HUGS MARY

  3. Oh Susan your wall hanging is so very beautiful, what a wonderful idea! You are so very talented, I just love what you create!!
    Hugs, Carol Anne xo

  4. The others are all quite nice too but I really do like yours best so I voted for you. Good luck!

  5. Yours are the best--
    the idea of seing them all, at a time, ig great.
    Hugs, me again- Dorthe

  6. Susan honey I have missed you! Not sure if you have tried calling me or not because I washed my cell phone last week and just now got to go to College Station to have it replaced and they said I did not have any upgrades at Sprint so I had to call customer service and they are replacing it in two business days which should be sometime Tuesday. I hope I don't have to return to college Station to activate it. What a mess and boy is it strange to reach for the phone and its not there to use. lol
    Hope you are doing well. Would love to talk to you.
    Your holder is wonderful and I love how you did it. Of course I will go there and vote for you ..Hope I am not to late.
    Nothing new here honey .....still thinking about runnning away. haha
    Love ya
    WOW your knocking on 100th followers door..good for you

  7. What a great idea Susan, instead to store them away in a box, this is the best idea.
    Hugs Anni

  8. your wall hanging is beautiful and a veruy fun way to dispay...

    good luck



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