My son Andy and Me...


Hi Friends,

Hope all of you had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!!

My Son Andy and I had a wonderful time visiting
Savannah, Ga. for a few days.
The weather was perfect. Andy had never been to Savannah
before and I enjoyed showing him around. We visited Tybee
Island as well. The waves were a bit higher than usual but
there were no restrictions for swimming. You would never
have known there had been a hurricane that had passed by
hours before. Neither Savannah nor Tybee Island were
affected by it.

We also did one of the Hearse Ghost Tours on Friday evening
which was alot of fun, the seats were a bit uncomfortable but
the tour and guide were very interesting...and yes when we
went to the old abandoned hospital it was pretty creepy
but not a ghost in sight!!

I will post some Savannah pictures tomorrow it's
getting late now.

I love you all and will have to get
caught up with all of your blogs
and see whats new with you all!!

I noticed I have 93 friendly followers
now so you know what that means right??
Another Giveaway will be coming
soon when I reach the 100 mark!!

Love to All and to All a Great Day!!



  1. Hi Susan!!! Love the photo! Your son is very handsome! Glad your weekend was great and congradulations on the number of followers. HUGS MARY

  2. Looking forward to your Savannah photos. I just recently visited this fine city for the first time. Very handsome son and beautiful Mom photo. :o) Happy week ahead...

  3. Very nice picture, two beautiful people. Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend with your son. The weekend was nice for me too. One of our sons and one of our daughters came to visit. Hugs

  4. Susan this is such a great picture of you and Andy. I am so happy that you got to spend some real quality time with your son.
    He is very handsome and you are beautiful.
    Can't wait for me to get well and can see Savannah with you. lol
    Enjoyed our visit on the phone and you sound good. His visit was good for you I can tell

  5. Congrats on 93 followers. How exciting!

  6. I'm so glad you didn't have a hurricane disrupt your visit with your son, who, btw is a very good looking guy! Happy for you susan!!

  7. Sounds wonderful--this is one city that I would love to go to and that ghost tour would be first on my list!

  8. Savannah is such a great place. Glad you had fun.


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