Meet Mr Pumpkin.....He Has A Secret Identity......

Good Day To All,

YAY...It's Friday!!!

I have to share with all of
you a Cute little fellow
who has been quite a Stir
in this household recently.

I was busy creating
something...not sure
exactly what....I knew
it had to be orange and
cute....well I worked on it
went to bed...and woke up
to find a very Handsome
little fellow sitting on
my work table with a
big grin and a secret...
He told me to Lift off
his Hat...I thought it
to be a strange request
but I thought it wise to
help Him out.....

Yes... it was true, He was
no mild mannered Pumpkin
he had a Mission and He
would follow it through
till the end.....Yikes
underneath His smart
little Hat he was
Mr. Pincushion!!!
How clever He thought He was
and I have to agree...I thought
so too!!!

Happy Warm Hugs to All!!



  1. Yes he is quite dashing! And o so useful. Nice work, Susan! What an impish little smile he has.

  2. Susan very cute idea, there was some magic going on in your house... hugs Wendy

  3. What a cute little pumpkin guy. Glad he revealed his real identity.


  4. Now that is one cute pin cushion and Mr. Pumpkin is showing his fall colors well. Good job! Hugs

  5. Sweeter than sweet, Susan-
    he looks as if he could reveal more secrets, any time...
    Happy week-end, dear,
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. What a cute little pumpkin. And he is also a pin cushion. Too cute.

  7. How cute! Love your pin cushion!

  8. I think your pumpkin is fantastic - and very clever. Your blog is adorable and I will be back to visit often!

  9. Susan-
    What a cutie he is - a perfect centerpiece for the season! You can take anything and make it a celebration of art - even a pincushion! Love ya-

  10. Now that is a great way to make a punkin' useful !


  11. Susan, he's so cute! Everyone needs a cute, smiling pincushion!
    Hugs, Diane

  12. he is just wonderful.....good job...
    I have finished your basket and am looking for a box to mail it in...I will let you know when it is in the way!


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