I won the "Something Blue Giveaway" !!

something blue giveaway
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A month ago I had signed up for a swap over at "A Swap For All Seasons".
It was my first swap and I was given a swap buddy and we had to first find a vintage wedding photo, and then something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. So we had a month to get our goodies together for our swap buddies. I have to tell you I had a blast looking for just the right items that my swap buddy would like....hope she likes them!! We sent out our package to our swap buddies by June 1st.
Well linda who organizes the swaps for us had a giveaway for each of the catagories and boy was I surprised when I learned that I won the something blue giveaway!!
So here is a picture of the goodies that are coming...I can't wait!!

Have a Happy Day to All!!



  1. How cool its that! My first swap buddy getting the something blue goodies..........I am happy for you and it appears from the post they are just awesome............Thanks for sharing with us all on blog land.........XO MARY

  2. Well, I can repeat your words back to you! "congratulations on your wonderful win!! I can just imagine what goodies you will cook up making things from this great stash!! We are pretty fortunate, yes. That looks like some fun things coming your way.

  3. Get out of here - are you lucky or what! That looks like a serious stash of fun! Congrats!

  4. Oooooo....good for you! Have fun with your goodies...and have a great weekend. ; )

  5. Hello and TGIF!!! My birthday is actually June 21st, but my husband was thinking ahead and when he told me to start thinking about what I wanted well look what showed up!!!!! I love this bag, I hope it is just as nice in real life.............I did not go to the post office today cause we have had such terrible rain and I thought I would wait till tommorow or Monday...........I hope you like everthing and I think it is cool you are letting your husband in on the act..........my husbands will enjoy my gift to. XO MARY

  6. Wow Linda did it up right for you! What fun.

  7. I really got some wonderful packages in that swap too. It was amazing. I will be looking forward to her next swap in a swap for all seasons. Please come say hi to my blog, as I have a new grandson and a new giveaway. I would also love your address, so I can send you some great Alice ephemera. I really feel you are a kindred spirit.


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