Introducing "Jennifer Arndt's Original Creations"

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I have known Jennifer Arndt for a few years now. I first met her on E-bay and started buying her lovely works of art. Jennifer now sells her items on Etsy. Over the years she has branched out from making lovely Art Collages to mixed media Journals and whimsical stuffed fugures. My home has been blessed with her art work and I felt that I must tell you my dear friends out here in Blogland about her and her
beautiful creations. Jennifer also does custom work , last summer she made me an art journal that I could paint in and adorned the cover with adorable whimsical Dragonflys. Jennifer also makes lovely handmade jewelry and made this wonderful Seaside necklace complete with my favorite Dragonfly!!

Please visit this lovely lady's shop at ""
I know you will fall in love with her artistic style. Jen is having
a 25% sale going on right now on her adorable polymar clay Cocoon Dolls and Art mirrors. One of my favorite mirrors is the Mermaid "Love" mosaic hand morror!!

Please drop by and say hello to Jennifer!!

Love and Blessings to All my dear Friends and Have a Great Weekend too!!



  1. Hello my dear friend. Love hearing from YOU. I guesss I should not complain about our weather here so much cause today it is just wonderful..........we really are lucky here and I seem to forget that. I am crossing my fingers so someday we will be able to meet. You have a great weekend I will be thinking of you. XO MARY

  2. Hi Susan - your friend is indeed talented. It will be a pleasure for me to take a little trip and learn more about her creations~~~


  3. Soooooo lovely! I don't DARE visit her site because I'm on a big old BUDGET and I strongly suspect I'd blow it if I did! LOL! For now, I'll just ooooh & ahhhh over YOUR pretty goody!

  4. Susan my friend, I am spending today putting your lovely items that you gave to me in a special place, I could not think of a better birthday present. I have always been aware that today is the longest day of the year, my parents would remind me of this, cause they could spend x-tra time in the yard watering!!!! LOL!!! Have a great start of the summer, and wish for the SUN to come out for us.............XO MARY


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