My "Pink River Flowers" painting and another use...

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Last summer I did some paintings and two of them I had done in acrylics, one of which you see here. I was in a flowery, summery mood that day so there really is no rhyme or reason to this painting. I was just having some fun!!
I had made copies of the paintings and so today I was sending out a present and it needed a little gift card so I thought part of my painting would make a cute little card...Viola!!
I cut some white card stock out and then layered it with some pink card stock and then layed the image on top of that I then accented it with a blue gel pen that matches the little flower.

Well thats it!!! I hope you ALL have a Glorious Day !!

Love with Bunches of Flowers,



  1. Great Idea and so much better than a plain tag!

  2. That is using your noggin! Great idea and you get to share your art this way too.

  3. Oh I think everyone loves a lovely garden tour......

  4. Ooh, I love the colors in the print. So pretty. What a great idea to make a card for a friend.


  5. How pretty and sweet this is..reminds me of you. You are so gifted
    I miss you and have been wondering how you are.
    Hope your well my friend


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