Crazy Quilt Class....

Hi Sweeties!!!        

I hope all of you are doing well!!

I have been very busy lately.
I started a class this week with
Artful Gathering in Pat Winters
class. I am learing how to Crazy
Quilt!!! Yay!! I have always wanted
to learn how to make a crazy quilt
and now I am learning how!!
The pictures here is the front of
what is going to be an Accessory
Case, with clasp. Yesterday I learned
how to piece. I wanted to show you
my results.  The next step is to learn
some of the fancy stitching and embellishing

I am almost done making the 160
"Wish" tags for a wedding thats
coming up at the end of the month.

As some of you know I have started
physical therapy for my hip, leg and
back pain. I go three times a week
for different treatments. Today I
had my third Decompression therapy.
It did not go too well for me this time.
I have to ice my back and take it easy
The mass they found inside my knee
turned out to be a calcification...from
some trauma I must have had. On
the x-ray it looked so ominous..I
was praying that it was not a tumor!!

I must go for now...but I missed
not writing to you All and don't
want you guys to think I have forgotten
Love to All...and thank you all for
your prayers!!
I know they are helping me!!

Love and Hugs,



  1. You have done a great job with your piecing the on with the fun stuff!

  2. Your crazy quilt looks great Susan - isn´t it wonderful to learn new tecniques - I love that. Can´t wait to see the finished result

  3. My dear Susan, your pieced crazy quilt looks beautiful, I love you used the lovely image of the woman, and your fabrics are gorgeous.
    So hope you will soon be better, and that the training will not make you feel more bad, I`m happy it was no tumor inside your knee, sweet friend.
    Stay well, and warm hug. Dorthe

  4. I can hardly believe you haven't crazy pieced before. It seems like another thing you will be good at. Sorry for your continued discomfort in your body. glad you don't let it get you too down! Be well, my friend.

  5. Wow! That's so beautiful! My next door neighbor Judith is an expert quilter and I'm constantly amazed at the wonderful quilts she makes. I have no talent whatsoever along that line, but I'm so impressed with your efforts! Enjoy -- and feel better!

  6. That is so pretty. Gosh, I wish I had someone to quilt with!

  7. beautiful colors can't wait to see it finished. Please be sure and become an author on the blog for CQ I know you will share our beautiful work my friend. Pat is going to put some things onthere later she said. Take care of yourself and giant hugs. xoxox

  8. Beautiful and can't wait to see it finished. Take care of yourself and hang in there. When you can come be an author in the CQ blog, you can share to your hearts desire and Pat Said she is going to add some patterns etc. Yea for her, she is so sweet and such a great teacher. xoxoxo

  9. Dear Susan
    Such great news on one hand that your knee mass was not more serious and something you can work on.
    Love your beautiful CQ piece here with Pat.
    Your fabrics look so yummy too - beautiful choices! I adore crazy quilting and have for many years and now I have just finished my first Heart Strings at Artful Gathering and I have even been featured with my piece there - my first ever attempt at creating with jewellery. Keep working carefully and slowly on healing!
    Hugs to you,
    Suzy xox

  10. Dear Susan
    My first comment disappeared but I wanted to say I am glad to hear of the good news about that bone problem and at least you can work with that to help and just so love your beautiful new CQ piece with Pat. I too have just finished my
    Heart Strings at Artful Gathering and even they were featured there - my very first artwork with jewellery!
    Keep going girl - wonderful work!
    Love and hugs,

  11. well you answered my question....I am so happy that your knee does not have a tumor. I was worried.


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