What I Have Been Up To Lately??

 Hi Sweet Fiends!!

I hope All of you are enjoying some cooler
weather, now that we are coming into Fall.
I know some of you are still have some rather
hot weather though.

I have been pretty busy lately making different
I made this beautiful Satin flower cuff bracelet
recently, for a friend of mine, who loves pink!

 I wrapped the cuff around this vintage jewelry
roll. There are tiny accordion pockets that
expand and a larger zippered compartment.
I put little charms, crystal drops, a watch face,
and other little trinkets in each pocket for her

To the right is where I keep some of my ribbons
and trims! Little fabric books..etc!
 My newest Indian Maiden bag was a Birthday gift to a cherished friend of mine. Marilyn loves the Native Americans so much. She was so excited about the cowgirl bags and Indian Maiden bags I was making, to Help the Lokota Indians in S. Dakota, so I knew just the present to gift her with!!!
 This was a little stuffed doll that my friend had made. It was her very first one she made and when she stuffed the poor little doll...well he did not live up to her expectations...She called called him her little baby hulk!!
She had sent me a picture of little baby hulk...and I told her I could fix him up for her. So when I received him, i took one look at him and knew just what to do!!

I made little levi overalls for him, I little shirt
and bandana too!! I have a few of these cute little straw hats, and so stuck one on his head...he is no longer little hulk baby...My friend received him back from me...and was totally shocked by his amazing transformation!!!  She now calls him..Farmer Pete!!!

I love the backside of him...Don't you??

Well Friends...let me know what all of you have been up to lately, ok?

Miss you  and Love to you All!!  Susan xxoo



  1. Hello Dear Susan,
    You have been so very productive lately making bags, collages, cuffs for dear unfortunate friends and to help the Lakota people. Your heart must be over brimming with love and creativity!
    Bless you dear friend and hope your back is slowly coming better.
    Take care,
    Love and hugs,

  2. Sweet Susan,
    such beautiful and lovely gifts you have made for your friends.They are so lucky to have a dear friend,like you.
    The cuff is gorgeous with all the embroidery, and the Indian bag is so wonderful
    Also you helping little hulk baby-to look like the sweetest farmer Pete is a lovely story, and he looks great now.
    You are a very generous lady,Susan.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  3. Hello Dear Susan
    Gosh you have been really busy but so creative.
    I always love coming by here and seeing your beautiful pieces.
    It seems like forever since we talked. Wish I could say I have been creative but just working.
    Hope all is well and we can talk soon.
    Love ya

  4. WOW, Susan, you have been busy--I LOVE the cuff bracelet--it is dreamy and the Native American creation--Your friend will love it! Thanks so much for being my model!!!! Everyone loves the picture of you. Love, Cindy

  5. l love the wrist cuff..it's so very pretty and beautifully done. l'm sure your friend absolutely loved her bag and really appreciated all your effort...and it's so totally useful as well..what more could a girl want:-))Hope you have a great weekend coming up.

  6. Dear Susan, so nice to see your beautiful creations, wonderful transformation with baby hulk to Farmer Pete. wish you a lovely weekend.
    Hugs Anni

  7. Susan, I had not seen this. I usually don't connect you with blogging, but I've added you to my sidebar list of storytellers so I don't miss anything.
    Love the cuff and crazy about all your goodies. What fun we'd have as neighbors. :)
    Thank you for stopping by the shop. I think the blog will have to do for now as far as that witty book, but it sure sounds like fun. :)

  8. Hi Susan, just dropping by to see what you are up to. I have been crafting away for Halloween as well as for a boutique I will be having soon for Christmas at my home. So much fun here too it looks like. You are such a sweet inspiration for me. Hope all is well with you dear friend!

  9. Susan - your shop area is looking beautiful!! I'm loving all the links! Your newest designs are all splendidly beautiful-- as always!! I wish you great and continued success is your ventures!

  10. Oh I adore lil' farmer Pete!
    So nice to see that you're happy and creative!
    Take care, Susan.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina


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