More Goat Farm Pictures and Wedding Tags to make

Hi Sweeties....

I had a few more Goat Farm pictures to
share with you.....Hope you will enjoy!!

A Rose from my garden...just for you :)

I lady who visits my booth regularly loves all the tags I make for items that I am selling. Her daughter is getting married the end of July and so they have asked me to make 160 tags for the "Wish Tree"   On the back of each tag I make, their guests will write their favorite Bible verse for the new couple. I feel so honored to be asked. These four tags were sent as samples to the Mom and Daughter. The tags will be slightly different than these...but I wanted to share them with you.

I wish you All a Wonderful day filled with Gods Blessings and Love Abundant.



  1. I love the bridal verse idea for the tags and those tags are really pretty. I'm sure you will come up with some beautiful designs for them.

  2. Thankyou sweet Susan,
    and congartulations on your big order, the tags are so lovely, and so is your rose.
    Wish you A happy week-end.

  3. Hi Susan, I hope you are feeling well and keeping cool. I love this post. Out here in the desert southwest, there isn't a market for these kinds of booths at shows. But that is one of my dreams. If I only had a way to haul stuff, I would start looking for flea markets and shows. Take care, and I hope you are having a great summer.

  4. Dear Susan, great pictures from Goat Farm, I can see a lot of wonderful things I would love to buy if I had been there, your tags are so beautifully made and your rose so beautiful, wish you a lovely week.

  5. Great job on the tags! You did a great job!
    Have a great day Susan!

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  6. I see my daughter was here just above me! How are you Susan!
    Congratulations on your wedding order of tags..they are lovely...and the idea of writing out a favourite bible verse is beautiful too.

    stop by and have a peek at my Where Bloggers Create post....for a peek into my creative space, if you like!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. Susan honey been thinking of you so often since our talk the other day. I do pray for you and wonder how your doing.
    Your tags are just gorgeous no wonder you received such a big order for her wedding. I too love the idea of the Bible verse to be written on them.
    OH how I wish we lived closer so your inspiration would rub off on me.
    My landlady left Wed night but did not want to but four days was way too long for me.
    Now she is coming back Monday evening. Would not have left when she did but it was raining all day and I told her we were going to have rain every day through Saturday which was the truth. lol
    Now she is coming back and staying the whole week is my guess ...she is a sweetheart but I am use to being alone so not working very well.
    Let me know about what is going on as soon as you know. My girlfriend said she had this one time and it was a cyst that is common behind knees.
    Love ya

  8. A rose from your garden? For me? Thank you, love.

    Susan, your wedding wish tags are lovely, and they come from a beautiful heart, so they're even more special.

    Thank you for stopping by the shop with your kind words. They always make my heart sing.

  9. Your tags are perfectly romantic. No wonder she loves them!

  10. Hi susan, love your blog and thanks for joing mine. You name is certainly in the hat for the drawing. Love your tags, they are really pretty my dear. xox


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