Creativity In The Pumpkin Patch........

 Hello Sweet Friends....

It has been such a long time
since I have been visiting with all
of you. I have missed you All very

I have been creating some new
and exciting things and can not wait
to share them with you.

This is my newest
creation. It is a sweet little "Pumpkin Pin
Cushion". She is all dressed up to sit happily
near the sewing area or look cute just about
anywhere!!! :) 

This litle item along with many more,
I have been busy creating for my up
and coming "Etsy Shop"!!! Yep I am
going to take the Big step...well for
me it is a very big step!! Gulp....I
have to tell you that I am a bit scared
and very excited at the same time.
I love creating items and sharing
them with others. My dream was
to open up my own shop and so thanks
to the world of Etsy my dream will become
a reality.

I will keep you posted when
my new shop will be opening
so stay tuned!!

Blessings, Love and Happiness....





  1. Hi Susan,
    It's very pretty!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep in touch,

  2. Hi Susan,
    So glad you stopped by my blog! I love the little pumpkin pin cushion, so very pretty! I also really enjoyed looking at the heritage pages you created. I think they are awesome! I love family history so it's always fun for me to see how people incorporate their family history into their art.
    Good luck with your etsy shop. I've been thinking of opening a shop too but haven't made the leap yet!

  3. Best wishes for your Etsy shoppe, I can't wait to see it!

  4. Dear Susan your pumpkin is so beautiful, love the fabric you used, sweet flower, wishes you luck with your Etsy.
    Hugs Anni

  5. Susan that pumpkin is gorgeous! You should do quite well in your new venture with Etsy. Thank you for becoming my newest follower and for the sweet comments on my kitchen redo. I am now following your blog and look forward to the opening of your Etsy shop, good luck!

  6. Believe it or not, it was a big step for me as well!
    I'm happy that you too are taking the leap, good for you.

    Your pincushion is sweet!

    Thanks for stopping by, it was so nice hearing from you!

    Ciao Bella!


  7. Dear Susan- how wonderful, you will love it when first all the work have been done, making the shop up and run-Mine is very empty after summer, in my real shop- but I hope to soon list some little things.
    Your pumpkin is lovely, and so sweet.

  8. How pretty and a good gift idea for the holidays :)

  9. Hey girlfriend....please forgive me for not returning your calls. To say things have been crazy here for the last five days would be an understatement. Christi stayed on from the weekend and I have so much to tell you plus my landlady's sister came and I have had no time for me.
    With all that said I am so proud of you for going to do Etsy. I think you will love it and I can't wait to see it up.
    Love love your pumpkin. I still want to do that giveaway soon so bare with me.
    I hope your well and family too

  10. Susan - the pumpkin is gorgeous! I am so glad that you are taking the step to open your own etsy shop. You make such lovely creations - I know that you will be very successful in your new venture. I wish you the very best of luck my friend! If you need any help - just email me.


  11. Oh my- how beautiful is this pincushion! You really are in tune with the fall season- what a great idea. I love your choice of fabric and color- it's "delicious!"

    Hope you are having a beautiful fall- its been glorious here- but now we are freezing- in the 30's last night!!

  12. Hi my dear Susan,
    How sweet is your pumpkin pincussion- and your shop, will be filled with beautiful creations-
    I can`t wait to see.


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