Les Modes Godey Mini Journals

 Hi Sweet Friends,

I have been working on some small journals
lately and wanted to show them to you.

The pictures of the lovely Victorian ladys
in both journals are actually vintage
playing cards. Godey fashions were quite
the fashion in Victorian times.
Godey fashions were not affordable for
everyone. Many women of the time would
purchase Godey catalogs and study the
beautiful dresses and then would make
one similar to the pictures.

In honor of the Godey Fashions I created
two small journal books in which I added
some vintage elements for embellishment.
On the inside covers I used some vintage
wallpaper. I stamped the inside pages with
French words and birds. Added some old
buttons as well. 

How is your day going?? Tell me what you have

been up to.

Wishing you all Peace, Happiness and Joy



  1. Hi Susan, I like very much these new pieces from you. Cards come in so many styles these days, but I have never seen any like these. Can you imagine wearing clothes like these? I would not want to, I am a jeans and tee shirt sort of gal, I would suffocate in these clothes. Is that flower in the top picture made by folding up some tissue pattern paper? Nice! Glad you are finding time for your wonderful creativity. I have been busy with some things but not a lot of creativity lately. I am hoping I am storing up ideas for when the rainy weather returns and I will burst forth with new art! Be well.

  2. Dear Susan, Oh I love them, they are gorgeous, --the first one with the measuring-and pattern tissue flower is my favorite- so beautiful.

  3. Love your journal creations. They look so antique, very lovely. Thank you for stopping by to see my prayer flags... Enjoy your week-end. vivian

  4. Oh these are just darling!

    It's so nice to see what you're busy making!
    I've been busy too, but most of it, creatively speaking, is posted on my blog...so there's not much else to tell! Unless you count baking oatmeal cookies for the kids!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  5. Dear Susan both your journals are so beautifully made, love the vintage
    playing cards you used, they are so lovely.
    Hugs Anni

  6. Hi Susan! These are beautiful! Love these little journals, and as I catch up here, all the beautiful work I see in previous posts! The pumpkin pincushion is so sweet!.. And I LOVED the picture of Little Miss Daisy chatting with herself in the mirror about sharing a burger!... So nice to visit with you again, and hope to get back to blogging a little more regularly, now that the summer is winding down to an end. I've been dabbling in all kinds of crafts, but with the exception of crochet, I really don't feel like the master of anything else just yet. I LOVE scrapbooking, and am intrigued with mixed media... and I guess we'll just see in time what comes of it all! ((hugs)) ~tina

  7. thank you for following on the Prayer Flags..It is a loving project. I really enjoy your mini journals.

  8. Susan - you are doing a marvelous job in the creation of your beautiful journals - these must just be so much fun to create!

    What have I been doing? Laundry! after being gone on travels for 3 weeks - we are still catching up!



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