A Secret Garden Display Purse...

Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you today
a special purse that I have been working
on if you can believe for a couple of
months now. It has been sitting on my
sewing table and I would keep going
back to it and adding bits and pieces
to it.
I have named it after my favorite
book " The Secret Garden". When
I was a young girl I read the Secret
Garden and a part of my life changed
forever when I finished reading it.
I remember while reading it that my
love of gardening all began. I could smell
the soil and the flowers as I read through
the pages and I dreamed of having my
very own garden someday.

I have made this purse for the love
of that wonderful story and the love
I found in gardening throughout my
life. I have made it to hang on a door
or a wall. I think it would be too pretty
to be anything else. Inside the purse
I think secret letters or poems or lists
of your favorite flowers you have grown
would be nice to tuck them in.

If you notice there is a little key...
if you have read the book I am sure
you know why I added the key! :)

I hope you all are enjoying your
day wherever you may be.

With Love of Nature in all it's forms...



  1. I haven't read that book but your purse is so very pretty. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  2. Your Secret Garden purse is enchanting. I too have not read the book but like the key detail. Blissful inspiration...

  3. absolutely precious! I remember reading this book to my daughter years ago, over and over and over. It was an enchanting story...key and all!

  4. Dear Susan- your purse is so very beautiful, what a lovely work of art, you did.
    Wish you a wonderful week-end .

  5. absolutely beautiful purse Susan, I'm still awed by your gorgeous style :) hugs, Jenny x

  6. Susan - I have always loved that book! Your purse is absolutely beautiful and perfectly named! Your handwork is fabulous - this is so exquisite - its a true work of art!


  7. I too have loved that book and never will think of it again without thinking of your beautiful purse.
    Your right it is to pretty to carry unless of course your coming to Texas....lol
    Wish you were here while Warrenton is going on but honestly I have hardly been there because of the triple digit heat still here and my back.
    Hope your doing well.
    I miss you


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