The Atlanta Botanical Gardens.....

Hi Everyone!! 

My husband and I went to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last weekend.
We had never been there before and with the weather being so nice it was a lovely day to be there!

They were having an Orchid show and some that you could purchase as well.

We strolled through many of the buildings.
The air was so fragrant and fresh it was pure joy to be there!
Many plants were from different parts of the world. We journeyed through Columbia and Africa.
We had a wonderful time and want to come back again when the Roses are blooming!!

Love and Blessings



  1. I love visiting botanical gardens when we are traveling. It's always a beautifull sight no matter the time of year or weather. Those orchids are fantastic, wish I could grow them!

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  2. Gorgeous photos of flowers and the sweet turtles. Thanks for sharing. xox Corrine

  3. So glad Susan honey that you got to get out and spend some time with your sweet hubby.
    These photo's are great and it looks like a really beautiful place to spend a day.
    Sorry I have not been by in a while I finally got home from Christi's and her surgery went well. They think there is no cancer but of course we will have to get the results next week.
    Hope we can talk soon.
    Love ya

  4. Susan - these flowers are gorgeous! I love botanical gardens - as much asa we come to Atlanta - we have not been there - we must go!! Love your photos my friend. Hope all is well in your little world~~



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