Random thoughts of simple treasures new and old....

I just wanted to write a little bit this evening to you all.

My husband and I cleaned out our garage this afternoon. My husband brought out a chair for me to sit on while I rummaged through all the totes and boxes looking for things and sorting things for the goodwill. I use to collect salt and pepper shakers ( I have around 200 sets) and found a pair of sweet little birds that my Mom had given to me so many years ago...back then I thought well they were not too cute... but, today...years later I find them to be the sweetest little pair of birdies ever...they came right into the house and are perched in my bay window area in the kitchen along with my cookbook collection. I will post some pictures soon.

Sometimes the things we have we take for granted...family, friends, our homes, our health... every good thing is a gift loaned to us and it is up to us to be thankful for these precious gifts, no matter how trivial at the time they may appear

I am thankful for you my new friends here in blogland. What a GREAT gift you all are!!!!
Love to all,


  1. Oh Susan what a gift you are to us too. I should be in bed now but after talking to you I just had to come and read your post.
    Honey you are such a delight to talk to and get to know. I loved our visit. Can not wait to see the article you come up with.
    Your right though we take a lot of things for granted that we should not.


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