Curves Day Two

Well dear friends this was my second day at Curves. I did pretty well I think.
The machines seemed to glide a little more easily and my body responded pretty well.
My knees are very painful so have to go easy on them though.
I actually feel like I have lost a little...ha ha like two or three ounces...
The crazy thing is my energy level is up, thats a plus!!

I have been busy working on something for my Moms birthday this coming Saturday...she turns 90!!
Everyday is a blessing with my Mom. She is a wonderful and dear lady. I thank God for her everyday!!



  1. Susan, good for you! Ah...the aches and pains! I know them too well and need to ignore them and put my disco CDs on and MOVE!
    Push me! ;-)

  2. Good for you! Keep it up girl
    It will pay off soon enough!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Hi Susan, I wanted to come over and say hello. Thank you for leaving such a lovely message. I couldn't agree more that this world needs the love that we can give through our blogs. Such loving women have got to make a difference.
    Good luck at Curves, it's such a great program.

  4. Opps lost the first comment I tried leaving. Don't you hate that when it happens.
    Just stopped by to say hello.
    Keep this up and you will feel better.
    Take care


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