Happy 90th Birthday Mom!!!

This day 90 years ago my Mother was born in The Bronx in New York City.

She grew up on Long Island. She went to school there, played on the side walks with the other children on her block. Played dolls with her friend Norma...wished she had a Patsy Doll, (which I bought for her last year actually) visited her Aunt Millie every year in Connectifut in the summer. When she was older worked in New York City took two buses and two subways everyday into NYC. She would eat at the Automat, Danced at the USO dances with the young men before they went overseas...loved to jitterbug and collected all the Tomey Dorsey records, Glenn Miller, Harry James...She still sings all the old songs although her hearing is not very good anymore...she walks with a walker these days....still loves chocolate...still tells the same jokes I have heard all my life....and the same stories...but I would have it no other way...She is my mother, my friend, and she raised me well and I am proud to give her my love and respect and my best.

We are blessed everyday with the people in our lives we are not perfect and we all have our short comings but as long as we have love in our hearts and faith in our Lord all is well and we need no more.


  1. Susan this is the sweetest post about your mom. A very Happy 90th Birthday to her. Ninety years old what a blessing!
    I want you to do a post on my site. Would you be willing to do that. I have an idea that I want to go over with you.


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