Just Peeking In To Say Hi!!

Hi Everyone!!

Hoping All of you are enjoying 2013
so far!!
As for me...well I am sick with one
of those horrible Flu like Virus' that are
going around. Sorry to say I don't look
as healthy as I do in this photo I took of
myself on New Years Eve. At
the moment I look like death
warmed over, and feel like it!!

Hoping to get back into my craft room
when I feel better, and start going through
a lot of my stuff and get rid of things I don't
need anymore!!
When the fabrics, ribbons,
laces and such are all in their rightful places
my mind can start thinking of new ideas and
then the creative juices can once again flow.

Drop in and say Hi...I love hearing from you!!

Love and Blessings to All

Susan      XOXOX


  1. Hello sweet Susan,
    I know you have so much to fight ,and then also an awful flue- I hope you are soon able to smile and look happy again-to fill your dayes with work,and happy creating.
    Please be well soon dear friend!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  2. Dropping in to leave a bloggy hello.
    Good day...

  3. Hi Susan! Happy New Year to you! I am celebrating my one year of blogging and remember you helping me get started! I will never forget that. Organizing your supplies sounds wonderful. I have been making things for my DIL's baby shower and it's so much fun! Hope you feel better soon so you can live up to that beautiful photo!

  4. hi susan, i know how you feel, i have the same thing. it's strange to be so sick with flu in the middle of summer.
    hope you are feeling much better soon!
    cheryl x

  5. Wow Susan, I have not visited for a while . . . and you have been very busy. I have been having a glorious time going through your past posts. You are amazing!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Hope you feel better soon, Susan! I caught a horrible flu-like illness from my three-year-old niece in early November and I'm still sick. There are some nasty viruses about these days. I hope you do recover soon and once again resemble that lovely New Year's Eve picture!!

  7. Oh no!!! Not the flu...I do hope you are feeling back to normal by now....back to the pretty state of you in the photo!

    I've been organizing everything around here....it's the thing to do in the new year, I suppose. ... although I do it nearly all year round, so what does that mean? ha!

    ciao bella

  8. Hi Dear Susan
    So sorry your sick! There is so many different viruses going around I hate going to the store.
    When you feel like talking please give me a call so I can here your lovely voice.
    I do miss you and your always in my prayers.


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