A Vintage Spring Jar for my Swap partner!!!

Hi Dear Friends,

Today I wanted to share the
Vintage Spring Jar that I
made for Laurie my swap

The little bird house was an unpainted
little house that I had for awhile. I first
painted it with some acrylic cream paint,
which I had already used to paint the lid

I used some garden themed paper I had to
then glue onto the little house.
the roof is made with some vintage
wall paper.

I used some moss to tuck in where
the flowers were on the lid.
I had bought a set of enameled
birds and used one for this little
house...isn't he cute!!

 The flowers around the jar were
wound with wire on a very small white
picket fence I had that I painted in cream.
I also used some glitter around the edge
of the lid.

Here are some items I tucked into the jar for
Laurie!! We were suppose to include at least
half the jar with vintage items. I had a vintage Hankie,
Buttons, Green velvet ribbon and trim...etc.

 I gave Laurie a cuff bracelet with a detachable crown pin.    
      I also made her a necklace with two sweet little girls in the picture.

Thank you Michele for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!!!

Hope you All have enjoyed seeing both Laurie's Spring Jar and mine!!!

Maybe you can try making one!! There are endless possibilities!!!

Love To All and to All a Great day!!!

Susan xxoo




  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Hero!!

      Hope you are doing well!!

      Hugs and Smiles,


  2. Your altered jar is gorgeous and I adore the little bird house you included on the lid. I am always amazed at all the goodies you are able to fit into such a small venue. Blissful Inspirations...

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments.

      I loved making this little jar so much! I wanted to make it wonderful for my swap partner!

      Hugs and Blessings,


  3. Oh, that is so very sweet. Your swap partner is one lucky gal!...;j

  4. This Is Gorgeous & Creative! Hugs,Tee

  5. Love it .... So very Springy!!
    Have a Great Week!!

  6. Just gorgeous. Your swap partner must be thrilled. You did a great job. xo Diana

  7. What a lovely jar and with the Easter theme too. Special for sure :)

  8. How lovely! This WAS a fun swap, wasn't it? I just received mine today and will blog about it soon. Thanks for sharing. ; )

  9. Oh WOW, Susan, this is spectacular--I love it!!!! What an amazing creation!!!

  10. Hi Susan,
    Just dropping in to tell you that I responded to your comment on my page...
    This is absolutely beautiful! You are very crafty and artistic my friend, it's lovely!
    Have a beautiful day,
    Jenah xo

  11. Lovely! What a great trade, you really went all out with this one! Your jar is so pretty, I'm sure your friend was thrilled with her gifts.
    I carry the little bird medallion you gifted me in my pocket lately and pull it out to look at frequently.


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