Our Thanksgiving Family Trip

Hi Dear Friends

This is my new little granddaughter Amy Catherine and her half sister Piper!!

Kaden my dear grandson is 5yrs old!!

I was able to go to John's school for Grandparents day while I was there. John and I had a wonderful time! this is one of John's friends Matthew!!

John, Kaden and I are playing!!!

My oldest son Andy with his fiance" Dana...Thanks Giving Day!!

                  John and his classmates did a skit called "The Night Before Thanks Giving!! :))
Hubby and I walked around New York one day!
Chilly and a bit rainy...but we had fun anyway!!!

Me in Times Square!!

Hubby and I went to see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall in the evening!! What a Great show it was!!!!!!  

Wishing you All a Beautiful Holiday Season!!

God Bless You All!!!!

Love to All,



  1. Congrats on your new pinky, Amy. She's darling ... & your kid-lings are ALL beautiful. Glad you had a wonderful time. So love Radio City Music Hall, it is wonderful ... happy you got to enjoy the show.

    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Ah little precious Amy is just adorable and your grandsons are so cute. Love that you shared these pictures of your trip.
    Wow you even got to go to the Christmas show at Radio City. How cool is that for a getaway.
    Can't wait til you tell me all about your fun time

  3. Oh she is the sweetest dear Susan.
    And you had a wonderful tour I can tell- being with the kids and grandkids- seing New York- and a gorgeous show. What a fantastic trip.

  4. Oh so beautiful! Not sure if Piper is your own blood granddaughter but she sure is the spittin' image of you! What a beautiful family you have, lucky you. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  5. Hi Susan!
    Your little grandaughter is so precious!...and your grandsons are adorable! I'm so glad you were able spend time with them. I miss my grandchildren so much. It's hard not living close by. I know you can relate.

    It was such a nice surprise to get your sweet comment on my blog. Sooo good to hear from you my sweet friend!...and thanks for your purchase in my shop too!

    We MUST get together after the holidays!! ((hugs)) for now!
    Debbie xo

  6. Oh, your grandchildren are gorgeous! I'll bet you didn't want to come home and leave them! And Times Square looks fabulous and the show at Radio City must have been fantastic...Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  7. Susan-
    Your sweet Amy Catherine is so beautiful. Piper is a very adorable big sister too! I am so happy for you. And that handsome grandson - he is so cute!! How wonderful that you got to attend his Grandparents day - what a special treat for you all!

    I am a little jealous about your NY trip! I have always wanted to go there - especially at Christmas time! Love the photo of you in Times Square!

    There is absolutely nothing like spending time with your grandbabes~~ your photos are precious my friend!


  8. What a beautiful Blog ! ! I am your newest follower.....
    Your family is beautiful!!
    Happy Holidays ! !

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday Susan! Happy 2012!

  10. Susan, it's a totally sweet dress! And what fun to walk around NYC with hubby! I'm glad they held off on having another blizzard while you were there! ;-)
    Hugs, Diane


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