A Cute Potpourri Pod Ornament...

Hi Sweet Friends,

You know the bags of potpourri you can buy
in the stores with all the large pods
and odd wooden pieces....Well
I had an idea!!!!

Why not decorate them for the Holidays!!

This "Pod" for lack of a better word
was from a package of potpourii
I bought last year.   It was already
painted gold and so all I did was take
some moss and evergreen bits from a
New Hampshire Potpourri mix I bought
recently, add a little pine cone, a berry from
a silk floral bouquet, some glitter cause I love
glitter, and last but not least I added this sweet
little gold bird, (that I had stashed away to do
something with...someday!!)
I also made a little hole thru the top to 
pull the ribbon through.

A sweet little ornament to decorate your tree or hang
in front of a window.

Look and see what you may have in your home
that you could recycle into something new and pretty!!

I have some more odd shaped bits from the
potpourri mix and will see what I can come
up with. :)

This is the back of the "Pod"

Does anyone know what kind of pod this is???

Please let me know if you do ok??

Blessings and Love,



  1. We must think alike because I use those in my art all the time (they came in potpourri, but I have no idea what they are!) lol

    Yours looks completely gorgeous!!!!
    Love & hugs,

  2. very clever and unique...I like the way you think!

  3. Susan, what a wonderful little hanger, I love your idea, and you filled it with so sweet things.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  4. Susan, how sweet. I'm like you, I love the large pods that come in the potpourri packages.

    Hugs! Diane

  5. It's hard to tell the scale, but might it be a milkweed pod? It's very pretty all dressed up for the Holidays.

  6. So clever and so pretty. You are amazing.


  7. How cute is this little ornament - so creative that you used pieces of potpourri! Is there anything that you can't do? This is going to so cute on your Christmas tree!

    (check your emails girlfriend - I sent you a private email~~)


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