My Miniature Christmas Cloche......:)

Hi Sweet Friends...

Happy Monday to All!!

This is probably the first time
I am so early in making Christmas
treasures this year. I was so excited
about this cute little cloche I made

I was walking around Michael's
yesterday and came upon all the
Christmas items. I was looking through
the glass votive candle holders which
upside down they looked like little
cloches...and so inspired the idea to
make some! I bought some little
Christmas figures, glittery foliage,
and trims. I bought the little mirrors
tp use as the base. The little round mirrors
were pre-etched with a design which
gave it a nice finished look.
I then cut some sparkly felt into
a circle and used this as my base to glue the
little embellishments to.

I am probably going to glue the little "cloche"
to the mirror base so it will not move around
and dislodge the little scene. :)

 So my head is now spinning with visions of different little cloche scenes.

I am still wanting to open my little shop soon so these
cute little creations will probably be for sale!! :)

Love to All,



  1. Hi Susan,
    Very pretty!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep in touch,


  2. That is cute! I wonder if the cloche would fit a plate with an inside depressed ring= less likely to slide, perhaps, and no glue needed. Just a thought......

  3. So pretty Susan!! I just posted tonight...first time since (gasp!) June!! I can not believe it is has been that long.
    Hope your mom is feeling better!


  4. Your christmas cloche is so pretty Susan - such a great idea.
    Have a lovely day.
    xo Tina

  5. Hi dear Susan, so very pretty and sweet- what a wonderful idea.Love the little angel.

  6. What a fabulous idea, love this and the gorgeous way you decorated it
    Hugs June xxxxx

  7. Very sweet, Susan. I haven't seen anything like this before, I believe you are on to something. Nicely done!

  8. Susan honey what a lovely Christmas cloche you have created. I love this.
    Wish I could visit more but both the North Forty and the house and town are waiting on me.
    I am so sore but yesterdays work over there that I am late getting there today. But this house needs my attention too. lol
    Wish you all the luck in opening your little Etsy shop I know you really want to do it
    Enjoyed our talk the other evening

  9. Susan- this is so YOU!! I love the idea- there is no end to the little scenes that you can create--- what an adorable idea. Keep creating and show them ALL to us!

  10. I adore your cloche. You're putting me in the mood to get Christmas Creative!!!!! XXXMollye

  11. Susan, so very pretty and sweet project it is!! what a wonderful idea you have. You're putting me in the mood to get Christmas Creative.
    remote control boat


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