A Magical Time At "The Country Living Fair" Stone Mountain, GA.

Hi Dearest Friends,

My husband and I attended the
Country Living Fair this past weekend.
What a wonderful time we had visiting
all the different booths set up so
I knew my friend Krys Kirkpatrick
would be there and so I had to say
hello to her. Krys comes all the way from
Washington state. We are standing by her
booth in the "Earth Angels" tent. Krys
is an artist among with many other
highly creative ladies with the Earth Angels.
Please go visit Krys here to discover her
wonderful and unique drawings and soft
cuddly bunnies too!! :)

I must say that "most" of my pictures were taken with permission by the owners! Unless
I could not locate them!! Some had said "Thank you for asking me first"!!! So glad I did!

This was a lovely booth by
Cheryl and Sally of
the "Romantic Farmhouse"
I bought a few lovely items
from them....even the most
gorgeous little girls dress
for my newest little grand
daughter due to be born
very soon!! :)

                                                             The weather was absolutely perfect for the show.


Awww cute little dolly heads......:))
                                                          A pretty fabric pumpkin..
As I strolled through this booth I felt I was surrounded in a romantic dream of laces, linens, flowers and pillows.
This beautiful little suitcase was too pretty not to take a picture of!!
Here is the bedroom.....the afternoon sun set the stage...wishing I could lay upon the bed, gazing at the blue sky above and breathing in the hint of Fall in the air.
                                                                   So Romantic....ahhh
A pretty paper collage!!!!
                                                 On Angels Wings...
Washing day can be romantic too....

There were two cute little trailers all painted and decked out inside and out. I was able to take some pictures of the inside as well!!

           The shutters and window box..toooo cute!!!

                                                   I loved how they decorated the inside...don't you?? Looks so cozy!!
A tiny kitchen!!!!!!

Bunk beds.......Wow!!
Amazing what you can fit into such a tiny area!!!!!

Yummy clothing.........

                                       Soooo cute!!!
There were gorgeous quilts and embroidery items!!
I loved this Ribbon holder....and with the sun streaming through the various colored ribbons was so pretty!!!
                                                             There was
                                 even a "Dead" concert too!!! :

Pretty amber bottles glowing in the sunshine!

I loved these little chandeliers!! Who needs big ones..these would do just fine!! :
                                                              Pretty table display.....
                                                     Lets have lunch!!!
A lovely doll house for Adults!! please enlarge the picture for a look inside this wonderful wee world!!
                                                         A very Pink Christmas!!!

I love these sweet frosted pink houses..don't you?

                                                                        Linen heaven.....
This was one of my favorite booths. I was able to chat with the owners and asked if I could take some pictures of their gorgeous displays in which they enthusiastically said yes!!!
Unfortunately I have lost the information about their booth...I wanted to let you all know who they were.

So if the owners of this lovely booth do indeed visit me here on my blog ....PLEASE leave a comment so I can mention who
you are!!!!


Pretty hats and gloves...no self respecting lady would go without them years ago.......truly feminine times back then!!

Little blue boy suits....cute little cap!! :)
                                                                           Dreamy dress...
I loved this lamp shade!!

This lady and her husband are the owners of this beautiful booth!

I so enjoyed them and their lovely creations!!

Well my friends this was a very long post but I really wanted you to see all the lovely
items. I can not believe it but I took over 90 pictures. there were such lovely booths and
friendly people. I know I will be back next year!!

Love to you All,



  1. Oh- my- gosh--- these are the most fabulous photos I've ever seen from a craft fair!! What a day!! I want to go next year!!! Seriously- I'm going to plan for it!! You must have had the greatest day!! I love every photo--/ ( can I "borrow" the one that says NEST?)

    Thanks so much for this incredible tour---- I'll see you there next year!

  2. Susan- you must have had the most fantastic day,in the middle of all this beautiful boots-and creations- OH I LOVE the pink christmas photoes :)-but seriously every one you took show what a great fair it was, I wish I could just say like Vicki--but that is in my dreams,only.

  3. Susan,
    You are too Kind! It was a pleasure to meet you also. Thank-you so much for taking the time to come by. Your a beautiful person. Fellow blogger....awesome to finally meet.

  4. Amazing! I would have loved to see all these things in person. I LOVE thos clothes with the beautiful grey shawl. Gorgeous! All of it! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous display, all those wonderful things to see, it must have taken a whole weekend to see it all? Thanks for sharing, wish I could have gone with you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow! I am impressed with all of this! Looks so pretty and fun. I wanna go...
    Thanks for sharing the photos. I bet you had a blast and I am sure you were there all day with all that eye candy to see :)

  7. This was indeed the best fair I have ever seen! I loved the trailers the best but the lines, and dresses were yummy too!

  8. What a wonderful fair Susan - everything looks awesome. So much great stuff. Wish we had something like that over here. I would have loved going through all those booths too.
    Thanks for sharing you wonderful pics.
    xo Tina

  9. Tons of inspiration. I need to take a road trip to this show. Thanks for the tour.

  10. Good articles. I like it. Dont forget to give me your comment back into my blog, okay

  11. Enjoyed going through the fair with you...just beautiful things and such talent. Glad you visited our blog. Hugs, Mary

  12. Hi Susan, Great pictures from the Fair.

    You won my Halloween necklace!!Can you let me know your mailing address?


  13. What a lovely time you must have had. I love it all and wish I could have seen it in person. The trailers are darling, and remind me of my glamper a 1976 Aristocrat. Thanks for all the lovely photos. TTFN Wanda

  14. oooh I love everything...Did you know I redid a vintage trailer....I had to sell it last spring but it has a a good home. I blogged about it all the time so you probably did...someday I would like to do a pink one.
    Your new little granddaughter is so beautiful....


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