More Artful Gathering pages for You and My New Giveaway Coming Soon!!

Hey Sweeties!!!

Hope you All are having a great
week so far!!! It has been Hotter
than heck down here in Hotlanta!!

So I am still busy with ny online
art class and thought I would share
a few more pages of my heritage book with you!!
This is my Aunt Julia who was quite the beauty in her day. Julia was in various beauty pagents and also danced with the Gertrude Hoffman Girls in the 1920's.
These two pages are a tribute to my Great Grandfather Peter who came from Scotland.
Peter was born in 1850 and was raised on a farm in southwest Scotland and came to America in 1870. He was a maker of fine furntiture and became vice president of the Harlem River Lumber Co. for many years.

My online class given by Nancy Maxwell has been so enjoyable. I have learned alot in her class.
I will be making the keepsake Box soon that my heritage book will be kept in.

Stay tuned to this Blog because I will be announcing my long overdue 200th. post and my Birthday Giveaway.....very very soon!!

Love and Blessings


  1. miss Susan they are beautiful... and I like you I am staying in to get away from the heat... roll on fall although it never really cools until november hugs from Braselton

  2. Your heritage pages are wonderful family heirlooms to cherish for eternity. Sunshine Summer Smiles...

  3. Dear Susan
    Your such a sweetheart for taking the time to chat with me tonight. Oh how I love it when we laugh together.
    You and your Aunt are for sure kin. I can see where your dad and brother thought so. Both of you are beautiful!
    What a treasure you have in this book. I can't imagine how pretty it truly is because I know sometimes pictures don't show the real beauty. Would love to there now holding it and visiting with you.
    Now I am off to look at your other pieces we talked about
    Feel better soon
    Love ya

  4. Hi Susan! You will get a laugh out of this: I had double clicked on your photo of your Great Grandfather tribute and at first I read the one on the left as Clams of Scotland. Clams? I didn't know they raised clams over there, ha ha. Oh, ClaNs, now that makes more sense. I also had to look closely at the little red figure on the piece of yardstick. At first I thought it looked like a little asian figure but I finally saw it is a Clansman playing bagpipes. Right? Anyway, wonderful work! You inspire me to try to utilize some of my own ancestral imagery. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with this class. Keep your cool!

  5. Hi sweet Susan, Oh the beautiful pages you have created, I love the ones with your pretty aunt- and so wonderful to have a finished journal with your ancestors,dear.
    I wish you a wonderful week-end--I`m off to a wedding, as you can see on my blog. Till I return-have some happy dayes .

  6. Just lovely pages Susan, you know what I'm like for ephemera and that extends to personal ephemera too so love to see the gorgeous tributes you've done to your family, thanks for sharing, Jenny xx

  7. Susan - this is an amazing project - a Heritage book - what a fabulous idea! Your pictures are wonderful- there is such a variety in each page - and so much work - you are doing an amazing job with this. Please do be sure to show more as you complete the project - I want to see it all!


  8. What a Great Project! You Have done a Beautiful Job on it! Gorgeous Pages! Hugs,Tee


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