Lavender Display Pillows for new Fab Cuffs and a Dream Journal............

Dear Friends,

Well it's Friday again and wanted
to share with you all a couple of my
newest fabric cuffs I have been working

The first one is called the Nest....
I thought it turned out really cute
what do you think?? I added
a little feather from some earrings
my friend gave to me.

I wanted to show my cuffs off better
for the shop I am selling my little
treasures in and thought of the concept
of wrapping them around a cute little
pillow, this way someone could see what
the cuff would look like if it was on their
wrist. I added some wonderful lavender
with some very soft fibrefill to the pillow.
I thought it looked so pretty this way!
What do you think???

This is the "Pretty in Pink" Cuff I made with pearls and a single peridot in the middle of the flower.
The little "Dream Journal" I made for my son Eddie's  fiance'  Kristin!!
I gave it to her when I went up to N.J. a week ago...she loved it!!

Wishing ALL of you a Wonderful Weekend!!
God Bless you All


  1. Hello! Hello! First, I have not forgotten what I promised to you. I am waiting for archival art paper shipment. Then I will make giclee prints of drawings and send them to whom I promised.

    I ate birthday cake for breakfast because it was my birthday yesterday! :)



  2. Your cuffs are wonderful and the display pillows are fabulous. Great idea. I have a friend who displays her jewelry on little raw silk pillows and her displays are amazing. Happy selling...

  3. Very nice, I like the use of the pillows. did you make the pillows too? Cute.

  4. Gorgeous Work! The first one with the shabby rose is awesome! Very Pretty! Hugs,Tee

  5. Susan these are just so beautiful. I was hoping you were going to share what you have been making for us to enjoy.
    As lovely as these are I know you will do well in selling them.
    So glad you enjoyed your visit with your babies. Wish you could visit them more often.
    Hope your having a great weekend

  6. Oh sweet Susan, your cuffs looke beautiful-I love the rose one with the little bird-and what a wonderful way to display,them.

  7. Oh my word Susan - you are super talented. I love your romantic style, it's just devine.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, it is much appreciated and you may have lessons if you want them, though that particular video was just me messing around really.

    And 200 posts - you are now my guru, I will aspire to your bloggin expertise.

    Much love and thanks
    (ps your journal is all wrapped up and eager to get to her new home :) lol)


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