In The Good old Summer Time....

Dear Friends,

The first day of summer
has always been a favorite
of mine.

Summer time is for taking
things a bit slower....putting
on lighter fabrics to keep you
Summer time is picnics and
walks in the early evening.
Planting flowers in the garden.
Sipping lemonade on the porch.
Eating ice cream in the evening
on the deck.

Going to the beach and wearing
your new bathing suit. Digging
in the sand and making sand castles.
Searching for shells along the shore.
The smell of salty air and the sound
of the gulls soaring high above the waves.

Family, and loving
in the good ol summer time.

What does summer time mean to you?

Love and Blessings,



  1. Susan,dear- for me summertime means hart work-- many turists in my shop, all week round-every day--not at all alwayes buying -but I`m there many houers aday- no much time in my garden- but summer is also my daughter,son in law, and the two wonderful grandkids, visiting for a week, here :) but even then I have to have the shop open.
    I wish you a lovely and piecefull summertime, dear friend.

  2. Sweetest Susan, It Was Wonderful Having You Visit This Afternoon. All Is Well Here In Bonaire, And It Sounds As If You're Doing Beautifully As Well. Thanks For Asking About My Mama. She's Doing Well With Not Much Change..Which Is A Good Thing. Hope Your Mama Is Well Too. We Sure Love Our Mama's Here In The South Don't We? Oh, And I Tried Locating Your New FB Shoppe. "The Victorian Shoppe" Am I Correct? My System Couldn't Locate It..But I'm So Happy For You And Would Love To Browse Thru And See Your Pretties. Yes I Agree..It Would Sure Be Nice To Live Closer. But Then Again..I'd Probably Spend All My Time Chatting And Wouldn't Get A Thing Done. :)) It Was Just Wonderful Hearing From You Sweet Lady! Sending You Some Love Today, Terri

  3. Susan honey I hate that we have not talked in a while. Hopefully one day this week we can catch up. I so miss our chats and hearing your sweet voice.
    I tried coming by here last night but it would not let me open your site. Who knows what goes on out in blogger world sometimes..
    Glad you liked my hair.. I hate showing pictures of me but I could not take the picture without my face. You should of seen me trying to though. lol
    Great me summer alwasy makes me dream of beaches and how I miss them. soon I am going to take a day and let my feet feel the sand again and the waves gently reminding me of how much fun the surf can be.
    Sending you happy thoughts and much love

  4. Summer time is a wonderful time and we must enjoy it and gather strength for the winter who comes again, thanks for birthday greeting Susan.


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