Mr. Squirly Squirrel and other stuff.....

Hello Dear Friends!!

This little fellow found a way
to get all goodies!! He was so
determined to get the bird seed
and succeeded!! This is the first
year we had a very determined
squirrel to accomplish this feat!!

It is a chilly cloudy day oh yes
and a bit windy as well.

I really do not have much to write about
today....I am actually getting ready for
my visit to New Jersey to my family.
Not sure what the weather will have
in store I only know I don't have to
worry about snow storms this time!!

I made a few more things for the shop
and brought them over this past Saturday.
My friend Terry who owns the shop said that
everyone loves the items and
some ladies were very interested
in the cuff's as we shall see!!

I will probably not write to you all till I
return towards the end of next week.
So I wish you all Love, and God's
Blessings in All that you do!!

See you soon,

Beautiful Roses...they smell so lovely too!!! 


  1. Hello dear,
    what a squirrel-he must have been hungry :)
    and congratulations with the good interest on your wonderful things in the shop.
    Susan I hope you will have a wonderful tour-- also hope you will find the napkins when home again,they are send off :)
    Big hug, Dorthe


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