I'm Flying Away to See My Family.....and other Tid Bits!!

Hello Dear Friends,

I am leaving bright and early
tomorrow morning to fly up
to New Jersey to see my
famliy! I'm already packed
except for bathroom stuff.

I wanted to share my latest
sewing project with you.
I made this quilted bag
for a special friend of
mine in New Jersey.
I am hoping she will
like it as much as I
loved putting it together
for her!!

Another picture of
Little Miss Daisy.
What a living doll
she is. She is quite
the little diva! This
AM she got up on
my vanity stool to have
a look in my Lighted
magnified makeup
mirror, and she rubbed
the edge of it with her
chin upon inspection
of her beautiful self!!
Too funny!!!

Enjoy a Beautiful

God Bless
All of You!!



  1. Hi Susan! Love how pretty your quilted bag is!.. And wait.. What's this?!.. Little Miss Daisy?!! Did I miss something here? Oh, I can't even see her little face in the picture, and she ALREADY looks ADORABLE!! Well, I look forward to seeing more pictures of her, and I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family! Does your little diva have HER bags packed too?!.. Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  2. Dear Susan-
    I wish you the most wonderful tour-
    to see your family-and friends-
    The bag will surely be loved of the reciever.
    Take care-

  3. I love your quilted bag! Very Pretty! And I love the coloring and spots on Little Miss Daisy! So Cute! Hugs,Tee

  4. Hi there Susan ~ everything is so lovely! And, you must be thrilled to visit with your family and hopefully you will get to hold dear/sweet Lucia. Safe journey and everything you have made is simply beautiful. I can't wait to hear all about your trip ... when you get home. Safe journey! Marilyn

  5. Susan honey I am so glad you are going to New Jersey. I was so delighted when I came by tonight and found this. I thought of you all day wanting to call you and now I know why you were in my thoughts.
    Please have a great time and call me when you get home.
    I love Miss Daisey too

  6. Hi Susan- I hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip! We better be seeing some photos right here on your blog when you get home! Hint- hint!!

    Your little quilted purse is a magnificent gift- your friend will be delighted. Miss Dasey looks happy and sassy! I am so glad you have her!!

  7. such a wonderful and gorgeous quilt bag.
    i like the design very much.
    have a nice trip!


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