Springing Into Action....

Hi Dear Friends,

I thought I would share with you some
Butterfly images that I got from
Dover....I love these Butterflies
with all the beautiful colors
don't you? Copyright free of course!!

I have been busy lately with two
swaps I joined. I entered
A Swap For All Seasons in
which we are swapping Vintage
Brooches with our partners. I
am so excited about this one.
I found out who my swap buddy
is so now I can get to work on

I also entered the Blissfull
ATC swap as well and the
theme for this month is SteamPunk!
I am really excited about this swap
as well. There are different views
on Steampunk and I like the Victorian
edge to it with a little quirkyness
attached to it. I can't wait to share
my ATC with all of you along with
my partners when we have exchanged
them with each other!!

I wish you All a great

I am praying for all of you
who are affected by the bad
storms in the midwest
down to the gulf area.
We will also be having
some high winds and hail
here later on this evening
in Georgia.

Love To  You All,

Susan ;) 


  1. Honey you have been on my mind and my prayers for weeks now.
    I have been wanting to talk to you but my landlady has been her forever.. lol
    The storm your getting I guess is the one we got this morning...winds up to 75 mph and hail. But I got lucky and made it to work before that hit and where I work missed most of it.
    So cuddle up with Larry and be safe.
    I am exhausted but wanted to say hello before I turn in for the night. It was a painful day and I am hurting now but maybe I will get use to this working again. hahaha
    or maybe not...
    Love ya sweet lady

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful butterfly images. You really are busy creating. Happy swapping...

  3. Susan, thank you for these beautiful butterfly images! I hope you got through the night down there in GA without bad storms where you live! The Weather Channel this morning showed that a lot of communities were hit very hard.

  4. Dear Susan,
    I hope you was not hit by the storms, and that you are ok?-thankyou for your lovely butterflyes-ans happy creating for both swaps.

  5. Susan, Thanks for sharing the beautiful butterflies! Love them! Tee

  6. Thank you from me too for sharing your lovely butterflies. I just adore them.


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