I'm Back From Arizona.....

Hi Dear Friends,

I hope all of you are doing well
and that you had a wonderful Easter!!

I wanted to share some pictures of
my visit to Arizona.

The picture to the right was taken
Easter Sunday at my in-laws church.
My in-laws are the most wonderful
folks you ever want to meet and I
am one lucky daughter-in-law to
have them in my life!!!!


I went swimming.... 

Mom and Dads front yard...the weather was fantastic....not too hot yet and the air was so lovely and dry.
Dreamy Creamy cupcakes......I took this picture for You!!!
Mom's birthday was Friday the 22nd. so this is her opening her birthday cards and gifts.
Yes here I am and "My Truck"...ha ha ha nope not my truck but it is me on front of the most AWESOME Antique Mall!! I really could have used this truck to cart home all the loot I found but did not buy too much because you have to pay so much for each bag you check in for your flight!! I bought small stuff though!

This is "Andy" the most laid back kitty in the world!! He is Persian and Ragdoll!! He loves the back patio and relaxing on his chaise Lounge in the morning!!

Believe it or not they had an Easter Golf Cart Parade the Saturday before Easter. It was so funny to see all the golf carts decorated for Easter!!

Well my Dears I missed you All and wish you a Lovely Day!!

Big Hugs...From Me!!


  1. Dear Susan,-I`m happy you had a wonderful trip -it looks great-pool,cakes- mal and all :)
    Welcome back,dear.

  2. Great pics, want those cupcakes, yum, and love the golf cart, what could be better....xox Corrine

  3. So happy you had a wonderful time and your Mom got to celebrate her birthday with you. Love the decorated golf cart parade. Happy homecoming to you...

  4. Welcome back Susan, They do look like wonderful people, and I'd say they are just as lucky as you!

  5. My, what a handsome couple your inlaws are! You look very beautiful between them. I see just a touch of sun kiss on your skin, glad you didn't get burned. I enjoyed clicking on the photos to see them larger. Is that a leash I see on the kitty? Keeping him safe, I imagine. He is beautiful too, hope you enjoyed petting him and it didn't make you feel sad for your loss of Sam. Glad you had such a wonderful time and glad you are home safe and refreshed!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I bet I could have spent hours in that Antique Mall.

  7. Looks like you had a great time with the in-laws......it is wonderful to see you smile. Hugs my friend. Mary

  8. Sweet Susan- this was a perfect vacation. The warm beautiful weather- love that swimming pool- those cupcakes!!! You look so lovely in the Easter photo- your inlaws are a handsome couple.
    I bet you hated to leave!


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